‘Philadelphia Experiment’ – a sci-fi based on a true incident!

Philadelphia Experiment

Shemaroo Entertainment has released one of the most adventurous and the most controversial thriller based on a true incident, ‘Philadelphia Experiment’. This film which became a cult movie has won the best film award at the Fanta Festival. Directed by Stewart Raffill, the movie stars Michael Pare and Nancy Allen, where Nancy Allen was nominated in the best actress category for the Saturn Award.

The story revolves around two young Navy men who are warped 40 years into the future, when a top-secret experiment goes awry. Philadelphia Experiment is certainly a compelling and likeable little time-travel adventure.

It is based on a true incident, which was an alleged naval military experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime around the date of October 28, 1943, in which the U.S. destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible to human observers for a brief period of time. It is also referred to as Project Rainbow.

This true story, although controversial, but nevertheless has caused a significant ripple effect in many conspiracy theory circles, and elements of Philadelphia Experiment are featured in many other government conspiracy theories.

In the film we will see the two navy guys – Michael Pare and Bobby Di Cicco – unwittingly participate in the experiment to make their battleship invisible to enemy radar, and then things are seen going horribly awry. The battleship literally vanishes, tossing them right into 1984.

One of the must, for the Sci-fi movie collectors, Philadelphia Experiment, is still a movie, which after watching, will make you think ….did it really happen???

…..there never had been any answer to that question.

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