10 Unique Startups to Follow in 2017

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Here are a couple of our favorite unique startups which are worth following this year.

Magic Leap

Last year Magic Leap was announced and what followed was a huge amount of hype surrounding the product and its release date. Magic Leap showcased a new Virtual Reality Retinal Display that could make objects appear real like an object as if they were in front of our eyes. It made a very strong impression and is currently one of the most sought-after start-ups for 2017.


Ever been in need to find a new home or residence but couldn’t find enough information about the places you were interested in? Spotahome promises to solve this with its unique site offering detailed information about available properties all over the world. This includes high-quality images and videos of the homes and their neighborhoods, giving all those interested conclusive information about their future homes.


Ever felt like getting a bike but weren’t sure if you wanted a conventional or electric bike? BIBOO makes the choice easy by showcasing all that is good about electric bikes and offering some of the best quality ones for affordable prices. Electric bikes are great for the future and that future is ever closer in 2017. That’s why BIBOO is one of the most promising start-ups for the upcoming year.

This is mostly targeting big companies such as retail ones, rather than individuals. GeoBlink promises to offer a business intelligence solution by optimizing story networks and strategies on how to expand them. It also deals with big data and automated systems to improve the processes of retail use.


Bioo is another green start-up that promises to achieve a lot in the future by producing panels that make use of plant photosynthesis to generate electricity. Thanks to the sustainability of the options it offers and the ecological friendliness it is considered one of the most interesting start-ups for 2017.


Ready to go into a meeting or conference and feel like you’re not prepared enough or don’t know what to expect? Then Accompany, the new unique app, and start-up is your friend. It pulls data from the network and social feeds in order to help you acquaint yourself with the people you’re about it meet and it also offers interesting topics to discuss in order to prepare you for the event.

Abalo Publicidad

Ever felt like getting new clothes for work or a gift for a colleague at the office? Abalo Publicidad, with its e-store, offers unique and fashionable options as far as business gifts go. It’s not just the quality that is good but also the supply rate, making it a great choice for enterprises looking to outfit their staff. Abalo Publicidad is based in Spain and is said to have a lot of potential coming into 2017.

Wine Outlet

Ever felt like picking up a specific type and brand of wine but didn’t feel like searching for it at a winery? Wine Outlet helps you with that by offering not only a great range of available wines that can easily be delivered to your door without you lifting a finger but also offering some of the highest-quality wines on the market. The start-up is based in Greece and besides the wine products also hosts reviews and detailed information on each wine, making decisions easier for the buyer.


Ever felt like following an interesting famous figure or discovering new people similar to leading persons you admire? Leade.rs does just that, bringing you closer to innovative people you may be interested in. It allows you to follow such people and receive updates about how they’re altering the world.

Monarch Solicitors

Ever felt in need of legal advice and services but didn’t know who to turn to? Either because you thought it was expensive or because you didn’t know what was good? Monarch Solicitors is a start-up that you’d like to know then.

The company offers legal counseling at affordable prices, making it a viable option for different classes of people. They are based in the UK but are planning to expand as they are one of the fastest-growing start-ups of last year.

Which start-up would you say is the most unique and innovative? They’re all certainly worth following in 2017!

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