How India developed the SPACE STATION !! (Success Story)

In the early 1960s…India was slowly awakening to the Space age…Although the rest of the world was preparing to reach for the Moon…we were making our humble beginning…a small rocket took off from Thumba on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, announcing the birth of the modern space age in India. That was when the Thumba Equatorial

‘Minding’ small ideas!…

Our mind is like an ocean always occupied by different thoughts and ideas. Just think about it, have you ever for an instant ever stopped thinking on a problem / issue or topic? Well, I guess not and that pretty much brings out what I mean!

What ails teaching as a profession…

The other day I was reading an article in the newspaper which very soon appeared in rediff.com. (http://www.rediff.com/money/2006/nov/10ab.htm). I would like to candidly admit that I was rattled after reading the article. The write-up was about the last days of a professor who taught in the ‘esteemed’ IIM Calcutta in the late 60’s. Prof. Ramu

SMS and media mobilisation…

Communication in India witnessed a new dimension added to its ‘PNT, STD and ISD’ image connections with the arrival of mobile phones. At the outset, individuals had to pay as much as 24 rupees to receive calls on their phones.

Transformation of parents.

Children are supposed to be the building blocks of a society. From time immemorial, children have been looked upon as the torchbearers of civilizations owing to their potential to mould the future.

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