Protect files with three utility security softwares for free!

With the increasing use of USB drives, flash drives, and growing amounts of data in personal computers, notebooks, and laptops, protecting information from hackers and unsafe applications is becoming important for users. Some of the options could be encryption, creating virtual disks, or locking folders with passwords.

All about antivirus products & beyond in 2009 – Part II

The earlier post on Antivirus (All about Antivirus products & beyond in 2009) touched upon the available products from an overview. In this post, we will look at the offerings of major vendors in this space and compare them based on the features and pros and cons of each, which would help you get a

20 sites to keep an eye on Web Applications

As all web developers do, I always try to keep an eye on getting updated with new or upcoming web-based applications to get some fresh inspiration or ideas daily. If you really love to explore web applications, this is the right place you have come to.

Build your own Firefox like Multi Search Box for your site

As you all might have already observed our site WittySparks is growing with many quality services like BLOGs, NEWs, ViDEOs, TOPiCs, QUOTEs, GAMEs, and more to come soon. So thought to have a simple and user-friendly Global Search Form to search all my services provided with customized service-based drop-down options.

Internal Server Error in WordPress Blog with WP Super Cache

My site was down for almost 7hrs with 500 Internal Server Error messages. Immediately I raised a ticket at my hosting service support to look into the issue and fix it. But the developers said they couldn’t support this issue, said my site was consuming more CPU usage and requested me to upgrade the hosting

All about Antivirus products & beyond in 2009

As the internet reaches more countries, states, and cities, security-related issues too are on the rise. An increase in the number of threats and complexity surrounding threats implies users require to safeguard their data through anti-virus and related products.

The Lost Symbol – By Dan Brown – Book Review

The long-awaited Dan Brown’s latest novel is here. It was released on 15th September and I eagerly laid my hands on it. The Lost Symbol seemed interesting right from page 1. The very first line starts with titillating the readers making them inquisitive on what the book is all about.

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