Robot a better Soldier than Man?

It has been found that 8,000 robots are already in use in the British army. Looks like Britain will leave the rest of the world behind in the use of technology!

The discovery of the Anti-Atom serves as a new ray of hope

Geneva, a popular place for having the UN headquarters in it, has witnessed one of the greatest inventions to date. The Geneva scientists have successfully created an antihydrogen atom and held it for enough time (i.e., 100msec) for a test. This test has made it possible for scientists to discover that this atom has the

Some basics about Embedded Systems

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and today it serves mankind at every possible juncture. Embedded systems are one such outcome of technological advancement that is changing the life of a common man in different fields. Basically, an embedded system is a device that performs a pre-defined function on a repetitive basis.

Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai with images – 2010

As Ganesh Chaturthi set in, Mumbaikars and devotees around the country and world welcomed their beloved God, Lord Ganesha, the elephant-faced God to come home and rid them of all maladies during the 11 days. In September, the city of Mumbai saw several large life-size Ganesha effigies being installed in different mandals across the city.

Giveaway of 250 Stickers/Labels from UPrinting

Uprinting.com has come up with an exciting opportunity to grab another wonderful giveaway. Uprinting is offering a Giveaway of 250 Stickers/Labels on 70lb Label Matte to the visitors at WittySparks.com It is also exciting for Wittysparks to come together with Uprinting to provide this opportunity for visitors.

Art and Creativity through some amazing 3D murals

Creativity holds no bars, and this is been proved by some really creative work organized by ViralFactory.com for a new Activision game BLUR Game. As a part of the same, a series of dimensional artworks have been placed in a few European cities of London, Madrid, and Berlin.

Stylish collapsible Fieldset by using CSS3 & jQuery

There are many examples out there to build the collapsible Fieldset either by using simple JavaScript or by using the jQuery framework. But what if a collapsible fieldset gets the stylish look with CSS3, Google Font Directory and jQuery framework?

Google introduces Google Font Directory and its API

Wow-what to say now, this is an excellent move from Google. Google wants to make the web beautiful with Google Font API. This resource will be a good and useful source for designers to enhance their websites. And now the designers can build a great-looking website with fewer images by using CSS3, HTML5, and this

Printing HTML5 in Internet Explorer with IE Print Protector

HTML5 is the proposed next standard for HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and DOM Level 2 HTML and is estimated that HTML5 will reach W3C Recommendation by late 2010. Since the new HTML5 has got many new elements and attributes which reflect the usage on modern websites, here IECSS has come up with the solution to

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