Recycling Waste for a better Future

Growth and development go hand in hand. For developing nations these two aspects are crucial. But what one tends to overlook is the vice that growth and development bring along with it- that is waste, primarily solid waste.

Are we losing touch with Newspapers?

Gone are the days when we used to wait early in the morning for the newspaper boy to arrive so we could catch hold of all the news. These days I am sure many of you agree that reading the hard copy version of the newspaper has fairly reduced.

Ways to Convert Youtube Videos to MP3, MP4 or Ringtones

As you are all aware of our videos section, many often contacting us and leaving a message in the comments about how they could have a particular YouTube video as their mobile ringtones or how could they download YouTube videos in an MP3 or MP4 format.

Pranav Mistry and his SixthSense

Pranav Mistry, the one who says “Nothing can be and can not be one and at the same time and I am” has come up with a new Project called SixthSense / WUW – Wear your world – hope many are aware of it already. As I was just amazed by his new project, I

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