Save your Heart with a Chocolate!

The lifestyle of urban dwellers increases the risk of a variety of diseases, an unhealthy heart being the primary one. The level of stress, the amount of work, and the increasing number of problems to be solved indicate a deteriorating heart of man. in such situations, we are often advised to let go of some

India Initiates Plastic Ban making way to a healthy life!

After the life taking floods that occurred in Mumbai, the Government of Maharashtra decided to ban the use of any form of plastic in the state. Although it is completely unacceptable to entirely blame the natural calamity on the use of plastics, we could be glad that a small but very effective step has been

India Gold hits record high of 27,996 Rupees per 10 grams!

With the gold prices touching an all-time high, many buyers waiting for a correction kept their purchases on hold, while some took the plunge – hoping to benefit if the upward march continued. The skyrocketing price of gold has made an impact on the purchasing patterns of the buyers in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad city.

Drunken driving could be harmful but Driving A Drunken Car is Not!

How many of you have heard of a car which is drunk? Nope. It’s no fairytale or cartoon. It’s a real car developed by a group of intellectual group of people from the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. It got the name Schluckspecht [a German term for boozer] because one of the first

Five Ways to Boost Your SEO for Free

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is one of those “buzzwords” which, if you have anything at all to do with online marketing, you surely can’t have missed. But SEO isn’t simply a dying trend; far from it. It’s actually a genuine strategy for boosting traffic to your website naturally – i.e. without using PPC (Pay

Eating Healthy When Times are Tough

During economic downturns many people need to tighten their belt and re-assess their purchasing habits. Eating healthy when times are tough can be a real challenge.

Dial C for Cancer – Health Hazards of Mobile Phones exposed

The modern-day ubiquitous cell phones are not only supremely essential but great social equalizers as well. The sleek palm-sized machine is packed with the potential to wipe away class, strata, color, and creed differences to emerge indispensable among young and old, rich and poor, high and low alike.

No more Nuclear Power says Germany

While the rest of the world shows excessive selfishness by a craving for development, being least concerned about its after-effects, Germany is showing immense concern about environmental exploitation in the developmental processes. The German coalition government has recently disclosed its decision to end the use of Nuclear Power by the year 2022.

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