24hoursLoot – buy new item daily with high discount price

24hoursLoot.com, a new online store for Indians to buy a new item everyday at deep discounted price, will be available in limited number of quantity only. The items can be anything, you can also suggest a product or item which you want to buy in highly discounted price. So try your luck – your suggested product may get selected.

24hoursLoot - buy new item daily with high discount price
24hoursLoot - buy new item daily with high discount price

A new item is released every midnight at 12AM Indian standard time, seven days a week. If a product sells out during its run (in 24 hours), a new item will not appear until the next release time.

After the stupendous success of Pringoo.com, the founders have launched a Pune based startup firm 24hoursloot.com. This concept is almost similar to Woot.com – One Day, One Deal (SM) – but at the end what matters is we have the similar kind of service in India for Indians.

24hoursloot deals directly with the manufacturers of the products suggested by their visitors, so there is nothing to worry about the quality or warranty of the product. They also provide you a 100% money back guarantee, you could return the product within 15 days if you are not satisfied with the item you bought, so there is no chance you could get disappointed with their service.

I wish all the good luck to 24hoursLoot.com – so why not give it a try folks?

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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  1. Seems to be a Pro- 24hoursLoot.com write-up… absolutely biased…..

    These days, quite a lot Daily Deals website selling products like Fashionandyou.com, (Origin-NCR Nov2009) Bindaasbargain (origin- NCR) and 123Loot.com (Origin-(Mumbai)- (Both started end of 2009) 24hoursloot( Origin- Pune)-(Started in Feb 2010), Aajkacatch.com( Hyd based started in Mar-April 2010) and now I came to know about another Daily Deal site lootmore.com( Hyd based started in May 2010) from a facebook frd of mine.

    The oldest and Best one is Fashionandyou.com. Their look and feel is rich and awesome, the product presentation is superb, Social networking quotient is awesome( 1.7 Lakh people in Facebook), responsive customer service.They have spent on PR. The only bad thing is that they deal only in Branded fashion, clothing ,decor and style related items and the delivery takes almost 3-4 weeks since they don’t stock and all products are as per their customer orders. This makes gifting difficult.the worst part is that you can buy only on invitation and the good part is if you invite, you get Rs.1000 on first purchase of your friend. I am wating for a friend who can invite me.
    Also it seems they have a VC funding like mydala.com . No doubt they spent money where it is required.
    Pro: Absolutely rich looking website, choice from a large variety of the same brand and deals exist between 24 -72 hours.
    Cons: No electronics & gadgets, Delivery time and restricted membership.

    In terms of concept all but fashionandyou.com have copied http://www.woot.com

    But in terms of creativity, Bindaasbargain.com have copied woot.com to a large extent (even the deal stats- the only difference is that woot tells who is the last buyer, how much qty sold in case of sold out and bindaasbargain.com doesn’t show that) but unlike woot.com, Bindaasbargain majorly sells non-branded stuff.
    One of my frds purchased a photoframe from BB. The delivery was quite prompt(3-4 days). Guess BB imports their stuff and stocks it. The only problem is saw in BB was 90% of all products are priced Rs.149 -400 and so even if I save, I am not sure, how much will i save in a month/ year?

    The sad part is that BB as well as Lootmore seems to have copied the style and words from woot.com and could not show any creativity of their own. It’s pity.

    Pro: Fast Delivery and Discussion forum and seems to have a responsive customer service.
    Con: Need to do more brands and show more creativity rather than copying woot majorly.

    Even 123Loot.com has same concept, but 123Loot deals mostly in brands … Seems rigid about brands and does not do any cheaper priced products. I am guessing that 123Loot are doing good by the no. of brands like Samsung, Panasonic, Asus, Philips etc. that are appearing on the site and as a general consumer comparing the product vis-a-vis pricing on other websites was very easy on google. but the look was more formal e-commercey type of website. Once I recd their SMS to check their website. Guess 123Loot.com are majorly promoting their website through SMS – I got their SMS stating that their savings is averaging 33% on Branded products… That’s cool but their Facebook is nos. are not improving. Guess they don’t believe in Social networking…Anti-Social networking deal of the day website.

    Pro:123Loot sell only branded stuff and saving seems good on brands.
    Cons: Seems Rigid about Brands ,no discussion forum and does not let buy more than 1.

    24hoursloot being an affiliate website of Pringoo.com has just Tees on daily deals but I am not sure that how people buy t-shirts everyday??? Guess what? I made “anti-24hoursloot” comment in their website and I immd. got barred from their facebook page as well as their page. Its really strange!!! I promise, I won’t ever buy from them.
    Pro: Cheaper T-Shirts and affiliate of pringoo.
    Con: Bad Social Networking manners and can’t accept criticism.

    Aajkacatch.com, seems quite amateurish and sidey website.

    Can’t comment on the quality of service or goods of Lootmore.com

    1. I even had some doubt over 24hoursloot’s quality and service. But when my friend who bought a linux tee and told me about it, then I tried myself too. And I found quality and service booth up to the mark. I don’t see lootmore.com has daily loot? have not tried bb yet

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