31 eXcellent WordPress News Themes

WordPress a great tool for creative writers and an amazing blogging platform for the people who want to publish their own thoughts, happenings, news, gossips, videos etc. in online. Being an Open Source tool, wordpress has got many plugins, themes to improve the blogging or CMS platform to use it for multiple purpose like for eCommerce, Blogging, Directory, News, Videos etc.

Here I have collected some cool, amazing and professional looking WordPress News Themes by which a blogging platform can be converted into complete news and magazine portal. In this list you can find some top sites super clone themes, randomly arranged.

Wordpress News Themes
Wordpress News Themes

1. WordPress Newspaper Theme

1 WordPress Newspaper Theme
WordPress Newspaper is the latest premium theme of Gabfire Themes that is aimed to showcase your content in a unique package and take your website into next level. The theme is ad and search engine optimized, and has a unique NewsPaper layout that comes with following features.

Live Demo

2. Live Wire

2 Live Wire
Live Wire is a magazine-type WordPress theme that is packaged with an impressive variety of designs and colour options that should make it appealing to just about any type of web publisher. It’s theme option’s panel entitles even the most novice of users to customize it’s flexible layout.

3. The Gazette Edition

3 The Gazette Edition
Gazette Edition is arguably our most sophisticated-looking theme to date, whilst the trendy featured scroller makes it very unique. The clean, white layout with professionally designed content areas are perfect for users that’d like to run a community newspaper website or a product showcase.

4. WPSN – An ESPN Clone

4 WPSN An ESPN Clone
Start your own sports news publishing portal just like the professionals with this awesome ESPN clone for WordPress.

5. The New Yorker – The New York Times Clone

5 The New Yorker
An incredible theme that allows you to start your own broadsheet online newspaper with this awesome The New York Times clone for WordPress.

6. Onyx Portal

6 Onyx Portal
This themes enables you start your own WordPress powered news publishing portal that is optimized for generating online revenue.

7. Playmaker

7 Playmaker
Start your own sports news & media publishing portal using the awesome power of WordPress and the ‘Playmaker’ theme.

8. Sport Choice

8 Sport Choice
News publishing is a big industry and you can start your own news portal using a standard WordPress installation and this stunning theme.

9. Skyye News Theme

9 Skyye News Theme
Skyye News Theme is a free WordPress theme designed for News or Magazine sites. It’s advanced template system gives you the ability to configure almost everything from the dashboard options menu. Nearly every aspect of the theme is dynamic, from the homepage, single posts, pages, archives, etc.

10. News

10 News
News is a new kind of WordPress theme for magazines!. Get WordPress, one of the best open-source CMSes out there if you haven’t already,
buy News and start your site about tech, cooking or sports right away!

11. News CMS WordPress Theme

11 News CMS WordPress Themes
News CMS is – as the name implies – a news-slash-article-slash-cms WordPress Theme. The goal here was to provide a customizable theme that could be turned into any given news site with as little as a graphical face lift. The emphasis with News CMS is on customization rather than aesthetics. It’s one of the very first themes I did with the intent of release (about a year ago), but it still holds up so I figured I’d take some time and package it up as a Thanksgiving freebie.

12. News Plus

12 News Plus
News Plus is a premium theme for WordPress 2.x. One of the most complete, and compatible themes available, News Plus sets a new standard for premium wordpress themes. Google adsense, Widget, and plugin ready, this theme is beautiful straight out of the box. Custom category, search, and author pages, really help give this theme it’s complete and finished feel.

Live Demo

13. Proximity

13 Proximity
Proximity was developed primarily for ease of use, and I don’t use that phrase lightly. Just take a look at our instructional videos before you purchase. If you don’t agree that Proximity News is the easiest theme to install and set up, feel free to keep shopping around. But we’re pretty confident that you’ll agree, and be publishing content in no time!

Live Demo

14. Magazine News

14 Magazine News
Magazine-News is a news / magazine-styled WordPress theme created for sites with a lot of content, and looking to maximize there Google adsense revenue. It is a three-column, WordPress 2.x, widget ready, adsense ready theme that is sure to give your blog that unique look that will garner some extra attention.

15. who’swho

15 who'swho
This theme is great for those looking to transform their blog into a dynamic news portal. My goal here was to create a great basis for organizing information while still maintaining a stylish and elegant design.

16. Gabfire NewPro

16 Gabfire NewPro
Gabfire NewPro is a multipurpose newspaper / magazine style WordPress theme, suited for anyone running a news and/or magazine style website. The NewsPro theme has four column homepage layout with featured article positions, compatible with the latest version of WordPress, drop down navigation menus, ajax tabs, built in Flickr support and automatic image resizer feature.

17. Gotham News

17 Gotham News
Gotham News is a clean and elegant news theme with a focus on creating a blank canvas with a strong structure to display your own personalized news; and broadcast it to the world. What more do you need from a news / magazine theme?

18. Fresh News

18 Fresh News
Fresh News is our most balanced theme to date and the ability to use a standard blogging layout has made it our most popular theme to date. It is ideal for everyday bloggers that would like to upgrade from a free WP theme and finally add some income potential to their blogs.

19. TimeCafe News

19 TimeCafe News
TimeCafe News is a magazine style WordPress theme with a clean design made for those who are using large number of pages. The theme is available in 3 different colors all included in the theme package for multiple usage on different pages for you or for your clients.

Live Demo

20. Flash News

20 Flash News
Flash News is a firm favourite amongst our users and it is easy to see why… Using a beautiful, clean rounded corner layout this theme incorporates all the best blogging features. And its unique colour scheme picker allows you to mix & match the colours until you are perfectly happy!

21. News Print

21 News Print
The News Print theme that has had to major incarnations before. This maintains the same kind of layout, except adds functionality for a fifth column in. Instead of having just one main sidebar as before, this theme has a wider sidebar that is split into two (so counts as two). There is the choice of having two main content columns, or three.

Live Demo

22. Visionary

22 Visionary
Visionary is an advanced theme suitable for news sites. The goal is to let you put your best content forward through the use of feature articles, so it doesn’t get lost in the rush of newer articles. Everything is configurable through the theme settings page and your widget panel.

23. Jello Wala Mello

23 Jello Wala Mello
Jello-Wala-Mello is a news / magazine-styled WordPress theme created for multi-media sites. It requires WordPress 2.3 to work properly.

24. iNews

24 iNews
iNews is a premium news WordPress theme that gives you maximum exposure for your articles and posts.

Live Demo

25. NewsPress

25 NewsPress
NewsPress can be classified as some kind of mashup between a personal blog and a more content-heavy magazine-style layout. The sophistication of the layout can thus offer immeasurable value to ambitious bloggers that would like to display their content in a professional way.

26. The Original Premium News

26 The Original Premium News
The Original Premium News Theme, was the very first premium theme that we ever released. This theme may be a bit rough around the edges (in terms of its looks), but we’ve used the same solid base for all our subsequent themes. Enjoy this themes’ minimalistic beauty and make it your own today!

27. Influx

27 Influx
Influx is a single theme with 4 unique skins, all of which can be changed on the fly right from the wp-admin control panel. The 4 skins, Default, Grunge, Subtlety, and Oceanic, are each geared towards a different potential audience, which makes Influx a very diverse and capable design.

28. Old News

28 Old News
Download our new free wordpress theme, Old News. This hopes to be one of many free unique wordpress themes that we will be offering on our site.

29. InterPhase

29 InterPhase
InterPhase is a beautiful, clean design that maintains a “cutting edge” feel without loosing its sense of professionalism. This theme comes with a large array of custom options pages that let you customize everything from the font color to the 125×125 banner image in the sidebar.

30. WP Remix

30 WP Remix
WP Remix is the only theme on the net that offers WYSIWYG Page editor, Over 50 Page Templates, Flexibility, Smart Drop Menu, Dynamic Codes, Add-on modules.

31. OneNews

31 OneNews
Popurls is, as described by its founder, the ultimate source for the latest web buzz and news and a daily must-read for me. I thought maybe I can do something based on that model to keep track of the buzz in Singapore and thus OneNews was born. This also showcase the power of WordPress being more than a blog software.

Live Demo

I hope I have covered all the available WordPress News Themes, kindly share the same if I have missed any good WordPress News Themes – will be helpful for WordPress users.

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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  1. Wonderful collections. It should be better if you provide direct link to download, not only live demo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice collection :)
    With such this themes WordPress give us much more opportunities in sites building.

  3. I don’t get it, why would you want to encourage people to use copies of existing sites? (themes 4 and 5)

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  5. Great Collection of Themes, Really Tempted to take more than a dozen for my websites
    i am book marking your site

  6. GABFIRE themes DO NOT work with WordPress MU…do not be an idiot like me and buy this theme based on blowing paid reviews! You can get better mileage from many free themes out there, instead of getting weak support and no ability to use an expensive theme with a very popular WordPress version.

  7. Hii, Better it would have been if posted free themes with download links. Although these are good ones but still… :) Hope you can understand.

    A.Niraj Kumar, India
    (A WordPress Expert Developer and Designer)

  8. Where are the download links? Why did you put a pack of pictures up here? Waste of time, dude.


  9. People,it’s so eazy to search over the internet…he just gave you the information needed to know what to search…

    Thx alot for this wonderful list…keep up the good job

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  11. Awesome stuff! This is a sick collection of WordPress themes, I’ll definitely submit this to Blogger Den

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  14. Oh man this is an awesome. I have been trying to track down some really good news themes for a project that I was working on and so far this is the most complete list I’ve seen. Great job!

  15. wow great themes. i was just begainer and looking for free themes and i got some of them downloaded and trying to edit them and install in my new site. thank you for your listings.

  16. Really Nice themes. and these themes are 100% SEO friendly. thanks for this nice sharing

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  18. I thought that comment would be disrespectful not to share great quality themes whitening brushhead

  19. This is a very good designs,..i will make sure to download some themes from,as i have created a new blog using word press which is a free blog,..i will make sure to add one of the theme from this blog and start posting a new posts ,,which is very useful..
    ecommerce web development

  20. The most I like is the second one the live wire which would best go with news website and rest of them are also very good indeed.

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