5 Exciting Career Direction Strategies for Your Political Management Degree

Master's Degree in Political Management

Putting your passion for democracy to work becomes easier when you equip yourself with a graduate degree in political management. Maybe you’ve already mapped out your political future, but if not, one of these exciting career direction strategies might inspire you to take the next step in your education.

Manage a Political Campaign

Besides the candidate, the campaign manager assumes the most responsibility in a political race, whether the campaign trail circles the humble streets of a small town or zigzags across the entire country. He or she coordinates with all other members of the team, from the technology manager to the field director, and must keep a cool head no matter what the polls reveal.

Obtaining a political science degree provides students with the opportunity to enhance their education and network with political professionals whose connections might open doors down the road. More than any other practice, opening communication lines with industry leaders remains essential to career progression in politics.

Become a Pollster

Whether you work for a specific campaign, a political action committee, or some other organization, your work as a pollster provides you with a unique opportunity to shape and understand the political climate. A pollster designs and distributes surveys and then analyzes the results.

To succeed as a pollster, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends professionals obtain at least a master’s degree. A graduate-level education prepares you for a career as a pollster and helps you better understand the complex relationships among politicians, voters, and public policy.

Lead a Labor Union

A labor union combines the voices of the men and women who work in a particular industry and amplifies their words so that others listen. Helping workers campaign for better wages, increased benefits, and other needs and desires allows you to improve their lives.

Develop a Media Presence

Experts in electoral politics often lend their expertise to media organizations. They speak on television, radio, and Internet programs to bridge the gap between Capitol Hill and the American public. Media personalities break down complex subjects so everyone else can understand the issues at hand.

Some political management graduates even host their own programs. They write books, contribute columns, and otherwise connect with their viewers. You might take speaking engagements or lend your support to candidates you admire.

Direct a Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations raise money and resources to benefit underprivileged segments of the population. They also require political finesse when lobbying the government and negotiating deals with other organizations. If you possess a passion for helping others, you might direct, or even found and launch, a nonprofit of your own.

Alternatively, you might contribute your education and expertise to a specific issue. Advocates often work for government agencies or form their own advocacy groups to raise awareness about an issue or bring about a specific resolution.

A master’s degree in political management offers numerous career paths for ambitious graduates. Use your education to shape the country’s political future and make a difference in others’ lives.

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