6 Reasons an iPhone 7 Makes a Great Business Phone

As a small business owner, you’re on the go all the time. Your cellphone is an essential business tool that helps you stay in touch with customers and grow your sales. Choose a cellphone with features that can handle your business needs. Find out the following six reasons why an Apple iPhone 7 fits easily into your budget and makes a great business phone.

Six reasons why an iPhone 7 can be your next Business Phone

Take Vibrant Photos for Your Blog or Website

A great-looking website or blog is essential for your small business. Post the beautiful images you can take with the iPhone 7’s 12 MP wide-angle camera. Turn on the camera’s grid option to help compose more exciting photos. To capture the perfect action shot, try burst mode which takes 10 pictures per second.

You can record 4K video with your phone, too. The iPhone 7 offers a generous 32GB of storage to save photos and videos on your phone. Choose upgrades of up to 128GB to add more storage space.

Save Money With Budget-Friendly Technology

The iPhone 7 is not the latest Apple release. However, the phone packs plenty of innovative features. Apple rolled out its A10 fusion chip with the iPhone 7. This processor doubles the processing speed of the iPhone 6. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and a USB port.

You can use Apple’s latest operating system with iOS 11 compatibility. The iPhone 7 also offers security features. Keep information stored on your phone secure with Apple’s TouchID authentication. Buying an iPhone 7 can save you hundreds of dollars compared to the iPhone 8 and X.

Always Be Reachable

When your clients call, you need to answer. Use a carrier that provides a reliable, fast nationwide network such as T-Mobile for your iPhone 7. OpenSignal recently noted that T-Mobile offers the fastest 4G network in the country. T-Mobile reviewers also gave the iPhone 7 a solid 3.5-star rating (out of four stars).

Plans feature unlimited talk, text, and data. The iPhone 7’s battery also offers up to 14 hours of talk time. You won’t have to stop working to recharge your phone during business hours.

Apple phones work worldwide, too. You can roam internationally on any GSA or CDMA network. With a T-Mobile plan, for example, you can save money with unlimited texting and data in more than 140 countries during international business trips.

Connect With Customers With Video

Sometimes you want to talk to your clients face to face, but you can’t meet in person. Save on webinar costs with the iPhone 7’s FaceTime feature. You can host video calls at no extra charge with clients who also have Apple cellphones or iPads.

Don’t worry about fuzzy video. Customers will see you clearly during the call with the phone’s 7MP FaceTime HD camera. You’ll get a clear picture on your end with the 4.7-inch Retina HD display. Upgraded stereo speakers provide clear sound through the speakerphone.

Get Peace of Mind With Water-Resistant Durability

The iPhone 7 has a few upgrades to make it last longer through normal wear and tear and accidents. You won’t find a mechanical home button that can wear out. Instead, the phone has a touch-sensitive button that vibrates when you use it. The iPhone 7 is also the first Apple device to offer an IP67 splash, water, and dust-resistance rating. Spills and falls into the sink won’t destroy the phone; you can dry it off and get back to business.

Take Care of Business on the Go

The iPhone 7 weighs in slightly shy of 5 ounces, making it easy to carry in your pocket or business bag. You won’t get tangled up in your earbud wires either with Apple’s latest wireless Earpods. Apple’s latest in-ear solution minimizes sound loss and is designed to be more comfortable than traditional earbuds. Pinch the short cord to adjust the volume and take calls on your iPhone 7.

You need tools that can help you manage the hectic pace of your business. Get a cellphone with fast processing and network speeds. You’ll get the features you need to help run your business efficiently, and you’ll save money when compared to later iPhone releases.

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