60 best CSS directories you would die to watch!

With new technologies flooding the web,different tools are available with which a web designer can showcase his creativity and craft. But despite putting in the effort and sweat, numerous websites with fantastic creativity fail to get noticed. Also, the surge in designing is driving designers to dig for creativity, color schemes and layouts.

Keeping these aspects in mind, we came up with a compendium of best CSS directories, CSS showcase, CSS galleries that rank / grade websites (using CSS) on the basis of ‘alexa ranking’, colors, categories, tags, ratings and RSS.

If you feel that a particular site is worth to get showcased, then drop the URL’s in your comments so that they become a part of our next list.

If you found this article useful, digg it to ensure that a designer’s effort doesn’t go unnoticed.

SiteAlexa RankColorsCategoriesTagsRatingsRSS
www.cssremix.com23,294NoNoNoYesFull Image
www.unmatchedstyle.com42,269NoYesYesYesFull Image
www.csshazard.com167,525NoYesYesNoFull Image
http://inspirace.dobrestranky.com549,529NoYesYesYesFull Image

Updated: 22nd December 2007

Updated with new links based on the comments received.

SiteAlexa RankColorsCategoriesTagsRatingsRSS
www.prowebart.net324,625NoYesYesNoFull Image

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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  8. csszengarden.com is not only higher ranked than any site you’ve listed, but has more impressive css than any of the links I clicked.

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  16. Impressive list. Well done. I did notice some inaccuracies in my site’s listing though – eduStyle (http://www.eduStyle.net). It says “no” for both tags and RSS when there is in fact tags (users can tag any site) and an RSS feed for Gallery submission, Noteworthy selections and Recent Redesigns. Thanks again for the list.

    1. ホームページ製作







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  29. Wait so their alexa rank tells how useful they are? I don’t see why sorting them by alexa rank is relevant.

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  42. Pure XHTML CSS Banner Generator/Creator

    Use these online generator tools to easily and visually create those popular “XHTML valid” CSS banners, micro buttons or css website templates in seconds. No programming required!


    1. Indeed a great collection. The sites featured in these galleries
      are simply fantastic. We not only get inspiration from them but also
      get to know the latest trends in web designing. Thanks for taking
      efforts in putting these directories together. Cheers!

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  46. Does anyone has the courage to create an OPML file with all the feeds from these sites ?
    Would be great!

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  53. Its great collection. I need it with more ones or recent. thanks, Keep it up. And Do u have any collection for css tips or using css styles.

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  60. Hi!

    This site has beautiful design! Really! This wp theme rox!

    And css links are cool ;)


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  62. Hello

    Can you plz set the PageRank (PR) at the list ?? ??

    I think its important for some people ;) including me

    Then I need to say it is a great list men ! Very Nice


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  65. Here is another one.

    Design Grabs

    This one is a cross between Delicious and a CSS Gallery.

    Anyone can create an account and save great designs they come across using a simple bookmarklet.

    The best submissions are featured in the main gallery.

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  68. I would love to have CSS Loaf added to the list, as it brings together designs from 35 other showcases so that you don’t have to check multiple sites each day! It also features large screenshots so that each design is visible; no need to strain your eyes on tiny thumbnails ;-)

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  71. Yeah, CSS is really great. There are lots of diffrent sites which offers beatiful design. I especially like the once with many lines and flowers :P

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  75. Great list of CSS galleries! There is one core CSS gallery missing, CSS Gallery.com. There are 540 CSS galleries listed at CSSGallery.com. They allow submits of CSS design and CSS galleries! Enjoy!

  76. Hi,

    Trying to get through those 500+ galleries. Css luxury aim to establish the biggest database of well designed sites until 25th December. Until then we must post 5ooo websites (that means around 24 sites/day ), if we’ll not succed the website will be closed.

    Every 2 months the site will get an enhancement. The first one will be on 1st July.

    All the best,

  77. I spent several nights searching for real useful css directories and of course I found some good archieves. Thanks a lot for your list – the silent nightwork can be over now :)

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  79. picture to be out of place now css design objects seemed to eat a good resource in terms of environment was webmaster

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  81. Indeed a great collection. The sites featured in these galleries are simply fantastic. We not only get inspiration from them but also get to know the latest trends in web designing. Thanks for taking efforts in putting these directories together. Cheers!

  82. This site is really amazing it has more than 60 CSS gallery sites and it has good web design templates.

  83. It’s really amazing work, I am inspired by your work and obviously this blog is perfect. thank you

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  98. Indeed a great collection. The sites featured in these galleries
    are simply fantastic. Thanks for taking efforts in putting these directories together.

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