A balanced diet for the mind…

Balanced diet to keep your mind healthy

Imagine waking up in the morning, reading the same tabloid, doing the same ‘pile load’ of work at your office, and heading back home at the end of the day. Doesn’t this sound monotonous and scary?

Doesn’t this make you reflect as to what is your brain feeding on? Loads of habitual and regular thoughts and ideas? One could draw a parallel with this to eating the same food every day. If you ignore the concept of a balanced diet, even a large quantity of food, won’t be enough to keep your body fit.

You need a variety of food such as carbohydrates, protein, water, mineral, fats, etc to fuel your body and give you the necessary energy so that you carry on all the activities and remain fit.

The same thing applies to the mind. Your mind too needs diverse inputs such as a balanced diet in the form of good feelings, thoughts, emotions, and new ideas. Every day you come across a lot of news items but do you read them?

These different kinds of magazines and books provide you the diverse inputs which would keep your brain healthy. Not only books and magazines but even jokes and things transpiring around would also give you some leads.

To top it on, there are crossword puzzles and tidbits. You need all this. You also need light reading materials to relax. All these constitute a mental diet. You need to have this rich variety to keep your mind fit and energetic.

Just think about what will happen if you take only junk food and starve yourself without healthy nourishment. You will not have the requisite energy to sustain your activity level. The same applies to your mind also. If you do not feed your mind with healthy thoughts and ideas, you will become mentally weak.

So, try to feed your mind with healthy thoughts and ideas by setting aside some to read every day. The content could comprise good books and magazines even an autobiography of someone great every month. This will slowly build a definite set of ideas and keep your mind ticking!

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