A bite of Dark Chocolate for a Healthy Heart!

There is great news for people who love chocolate just like me. A measured amount of dark chocolate is said to keep your heart at a lower risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

Take a bite of Dark Chocolate everyday to keep your Heart Healthy!
Take a bite of Dark Chocolate every day to keep your Heart Healthy!

Researchers say 100 grams of dark chocolate every day can help you get to this state of health. If this is followed for a period of 10 years, it is said that over 10,000 people can be protected from heart diseases. Now, let’s take a look at what some lead researchers have to say about this.

Ella Zomer said, “Our findings indicate dark chocolate therapy could provide an alternative to or be used to complement drug therapeutics in people at high risk of cardiovascular disease.”

His partner Chris Reid also held a similar opinion. He said, “One of the appeals of this study is here is a dietary alternative that may be quite appealing to many people. In fact, chocolate studies have shown excellent compliance rates.”

This is definitely a very tempting study that has been conducted on the Australian population. What is it that makes dark chocolate beneficial? Let’s find out! It is said that dark chocolate contains antioxidant chemicals in the form of polyphenols that help dilate blood vessels ultimately keeping your heart safer.

There are other things too that contain this magical substance. These include green tea, blueberries, and red apples. After reading these articles, please don’t come to false conclusions. Excess of anything can be dangerous and dark chocolate is no exception! A large amount of dark chocolate can lead to obesity, which again places you on the high-risk side.

Therefore Chris Reid says, “We’re not suggesting that the high-risk group use dark chocolate as their only preventative measure, but in combination with sensible choices, such as exercise.” Let us all follow his advice and live happily ever after. So here’s wishing you all a happy and healthy life ahead!

Source: Dark chocolate cuts heart deaths: Australian study

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