A rival for Google Glass from Japan

Google Glass the wearable computer with a head-mounted display (HMD) that is being developed by Google now may have a rival from the innovative Japan. Takahito Iguchi an entrepreneur comes up with his device named Telepathy One.

Telepathy - Google Glass rival from Japan
Telepathy – Google Glass rival from Japan

The new device was showcased at an event in New York City on the 23rd of April. Iguchi and his team showed off prototypes (two working and others mockups) of the wearable image-streaming glasses to the media. It was a definite rave amongst the people. The Telepathy One also has to be worn on the head in front of the eye and wrapped around the ears.This particular product has ear buds that fit into the ears, so you can presumably hear audio functionality when they add it in.

Telepathy One guns for Google Glass

Telepathy is different from the Google Glass, in that it has an optically projected small screen in front of the eye of the wearer, and a cell phone app controlled by the partner captures the images that the wearer sees in a tiny screen. The device will also be able to take photos or videos from the headset and stream those images to the partner’s cell phone app,however at the event the prototype didn’t have that functionality. The innovator Iguchi was sure to emphasize that his product aims to enable users to share everything they see with their loved ones. The core aspect of the product is sharing of experiences in real time between people over distance.

While it is a fun product it is still in its beginning stages, a team of 8 people are working on the product that was initiated in Jan 2013. This product is not a threat to the Google Glass right now, it is yet to born in it’s full glory, the team is looking for developers to team with in this venture.

Image and Content Source: GigaOm

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