A sudden hike in online shopping via Smartphone and Tablet users

The internet has changed our lives a lot. Like they say now everything is just a click away. Even the joy of shopping can be experienced without moving an inch from your comfort zone. Anyway that’s not the point I’m trying to make. I’m trying to tell you that there has been an increase in the number of online shoppers. All thanks to the Smartphone’s and tablets. Today almost two-thirds of Smartphone and tablet users access websites on a daily basis and over a half shop via their mobile device at least once a week. This means a lot of profit to the owners of various stores out there!

Mobile commerce UK
Mobile commerce UK

However the lack of accurate connectivity speed seems to play the bad guy here. This seems to be the major complaint of 49% of the online customers and other complaints include having to navigate both horizontally and vertically to view the page (48%), difficulty logging in (37%), and links that are too small (35%). One in five Smartphone and tablet users said they can’t easily complete transactions on a mobile device. All this has a direct impact on the retailers who risk losing significant business by not meeting these mobile expectations, with 54% of consumers leaving the mobile site when they run into difficulty and over a quarter (28%) turning to a competitor.

A study also reveals the favorite places of people where most of the browsing activity seems to take place. The most popular place to browse the web on a tablet is the home, cited by 80%, compared to 12% on public transport and 10% on the high street. Similarly, the majority of Smartphone users access the web at home (62%), although they are more active than tablet users when out and about, with 33% using the web on public transport, 25% on the high street and 14% in the car. Ask David Bowen, Product Manager, EPiServer about this and he says “Our research shows that mobile devices are becoming the first choice for accessing a website or app, regardless of location. As a result, the mobile experience becomes critical to any business’s web strategy, as today’s mobile-savvy consumer becomes less forgiving and expects mobile sites and apps to offer all the functionality they are used to on a desktop. ‘Mobile first’ is rapidly becoming the most sensible strategy for any e-commerce business.”

The survey led to a report Mobile commerce: What consumers really want. Available for free download. This helps you take a look at consumer experiences and that you can decide what’s best for you. So don’t forget to take a look!

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