A Valentine’s day gift from Google Play!

Happy Valentine’s Day readers! It’s the day of love that brings back all the memories and makes a platform for new memories to cherish in the future. Such an important day should not pass by ordinarily! This thought made Google play come up with unique ideas to help you make your special day more special.

Let’s take a look at them. Got did not give all of us the gift of gab. He has been partial in this matter. That’s why it won’t be wrong if it take help of those who have this gift to create lovely love messages.  This app will help you send romantic messages via Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Viber or WhatsApp along with this it also allows the love birds to create their own messages. So it is up to you to express your love in whichever way you like.

Same is the case with love quotes and love messages which has a separate app dedicated to itself. This app has all wonderful things you can say to your Valentine in as many special ways as possible. They are sure to touch the deepest corner of your heart and make you feel on top the world.

Make your Valentine’s Day perfect with help of Google play apps!
Make your Valentine’s Day perfect with help of Google play apps!

Apart from these Google Play also has a tricky app. This one’s for those who want to put their love to test. With this app your compatibility with your partner could be known. The makers call it Love Test Calculator. The next app can be your shopping friend. Fancy as it is called provides you with catalogues of amazing things you can be. You surely don’t want to give that a miss.

If you are looking for the right place to take your valentine to on this special day  “Relais & Châteaux” App will guide you to heaven on earth and make it the best day of your life. So give all this a try today and tell me how beautiful it was, wont you?

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