Aakash UbiSlate7 India’s pride for being the world’s cheapest tablet available!

India's First Cheapest Android Tablet is now available!

India gives us yet another reason to be proud of it!

We have been successful in an attempt to develop the world’s cheapest tablet ever, named Aakash UbiSlate7 Tablet or Sakshat Tablet, in collaboration with the British-based company called DataWind.

As per CRN, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, DataWind, said that they are planning to sell around 300,000 UbiSlate tablets within a year, and they have also established a new production in Hyderabad, India, to manufacture low-cost tablets.

Aakash ubislate -Datawind cheapest android tablet in the world just for $35 reviews by gadget guru:

Aakash ubislate7 -Datawind’s cheapest Android tablet in the world just for $35 reviewed by gadget guru.

This much-awaited tablet makes itself available in 60 US Dollars or 3000 Indian Rupees. The tablet will run Google Android 2.2 and comes with a 7-inch touch screen and operates at 800×480 resolution.

Aakash has 256 MB RAM with 2GB storage and can be expandable up to 32 GB with a Micro SD Card along with two USB ports and one HDMI Port, GPRS, and Wi-Fi. Its users may also avail themselves of the one-year replacement warranty. Oh my! It looks like a huge gift in a small package!

Its battery unfortunately has been designed to last only for three hours. But wait! Don’t sulk yet. Its low cost and its unmatched features have already made it popular among the youth who find it a wonderful replacement to their heavy load of books! Now there’s a reason for this too. Many institutions out there are providing Wi-Fi service so that students can make get it whenever they want. Aakash has something for music lovers too!

Indian 35 $ Tablet – better than IPAD:

Here is a detailed comparison chat with Beetel Magiq, Reliance 3G Tab, OlivePad V-T100, Samsung Galaxy Tab, IPAD, OLPC
Here is a detailed comparison chat with Beetel Magiq, Reliance 3G Tab, OlivePad V-T100, Samsung Galaxy Tab, IPAD, OLPC

The world’s cheapest tablet comes with a Multimedia player so that its users may enjoy the pleasure of soothing music after a hectic day of work.  While this tablet can be owned by the regular lot at 3000 rupees 100,000 college students can make this their own in just 1,400. Plans are being made to sell the tab with rupees 99 per month internet service. What’s more? Aakash has come as a boon to the youth!

You can pre-order from their official website by filling “Book Your UBISLATE7” form available on their homepage.

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