Aamir Khan – The peacemaker for ‘Khans’?

Celebrities and cine stars are known to have an ego which grows with their popularity. In fact, one could say that the mathematical way of looking at it would be that ego and popularity would be directly proportional!

Salman Shahrukh Fight
Salman Shahrukh Fight

An instance of the same could be seen in the tremors which keep surfacing between the film stars and many a times its our very own ‘Sallu bhai’ – Salman Khan who finds himself muddled in it. For some reason, its like controversy follows him for some development that pertains to him, be it his films, his co-stars or his personal life.

Katrina Kaif looks sad on her birthday
Katrina Kaif looks sad on her birthday

It is believed that he has been cold to his co-star, John Abraham. Tis was shown by television channel Aaj Tak,in an award ceremony following some remark made by John. His personal life too has been tumultuous owing to his whimsical disposition. This became a piece of ‘new’ recently when Shah Rukh Khan along with his wife Gauri walked out of the party which Salman had organized on Katrina’s birthday. It appears that a remark which SRK made on Salman while chatting with Salman didn’t go down too well with him and he reacted in his usual manner. This led to Shah Rukh walking out of the party. Following this burst, Aamir Khan took Salman to SRK’s house, acted as a peacemaker and sorted out the issue between Shahrukh Khan and Salman.

It is said that art borrows from life. Well, this episode had all the ingredients to become a part of some movie or script! Aamir Khan turned to be the peacemaker this time, wonder who would be the next time ?

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