Aanchal Jaggi Young Indian entrepreneur in Dubai

Yes, she’s Indian and not in India, but she is making the Indians proud of her achievements. It is one thing to start a business by money handed down and a whole another story when you choose to achieve your life’s dream by working hard.

Aanchal Jaggi, the designer the entrepreneur
Aanchal Jaggi, the designer the entrepreneur

Presenting; owner and designer of the fashion house Aakarshan, the most vibrant and colorful designer label you can find in Dubai, catering to the ones who aren’t afraid of attention and definitely love mixing their desi style in western wear. Her label not only provides RTW but also services such as custom tailoring and designing. Aakarshan is the little business baby of Aanchal Jaggi, she is completing her first year of business and is only 23! Now that’s inspiration.

In a city like Dubai where shopping is the hobby for everyone, competition in the field of fashion is thick. Aanchal however has a very unique sense of design and styling, her aesthetic is unique she explains; “at Aakarshan we design clothes that are tailored to perfection, each piece brings out the hidden personality of the client and fit them impeccably. We understand different body types and make sure each ensemble brings out the best, that’s what fashion is all about“.

Colour me Aakarshan - Designer collections by Aanchal Jaggi
Colour me Aakarshan – Designer collections by Aanchal Jaggi

The brand has always been a solo venture, but Miss Jaggi is very grateful to her parents for their support. It has been a bumpy ride as she expresses her initial struggles; “there are so many start up costs and to get your name out there. You need to source production and get samples made that the clients can have a look at. Surveying the market for various fabrics, finding tailors & embroiderers is very time consuming, especially when you’re the only one doing it, but I must say it’s all worth the stress in the end” It has been a long year, and even longer experiences for the young fashion star, her struggles aren’t exclusive to any other entrepreneur in their first year. A lot of overwhelming feelings, long hours, sleepless nights, and last minute fashion disasters and the whole nine yards of taking the risk.

Jaggi has always known that fashion was her calling, she was very calculated with her decisions keeping with regards to her career, she opted for Commerce in high school to get a strong understanding of business,

“Entrepreneurship was my favorite subject and I guess that is why I was so motivated to start up my business without any help and financial support”

she says. A very forward thinking approach for someone who was only 15 then. These are vital characteristics of an entrepreneur focus and drive. One needs to have their eye focused on the end result and make sure all the right decisions are taken in order to reach it faster and easier. She expresses that starting a business is no cake walk “Each day involves selling and thinking of creative ways to promote your business, it’s a never ending, energy consuming process”.

She advices all young entrepreneurs that; “If you have an idea and vision, don’t wait for an opportunity, create one” and her special note to aspiring designers is; “If you don’t really want it with all your heart, it’s honestly not worth it, the fashion world is not as glamorous as it looks on the outside,there are a lot of difficult personalities in this field and if you don’t have a thick skin or the ability to deal with stress and high maintenance people, then it’s definitely not the field for you”. She does know her industry well by now, and is an inspiration for not just budding fashion designers but young entrepreneurs in general.

To get colorful, visit Aakarshan’s Facebook page for more collections from Aanchal Jaggi and you can follow her in Twitter @aakarshan_aj.

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  1. It’s always motivating and refreshing to hear the success stories of young entrepreneurs. Fashion is a tremendously growly industry in Dubai and to be able to step a gentle foot on the market is a great feat. It was a great read. Thanks for sharing her tips. It’ll be helpful for young dreamers.

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