Acne-ridden teen lands a modeling career at NYFW!

Cassandra Bankson, 19, from California had severe acne and had to go through harsh comments and bullying from her peers. Until recently she was so ashamed of her looks that she stopped going to school to avoid the constant gibes and disparaging statements. All this changed when a ten-minute video of her on You tube shot her to fame last year and she has had the last laugh after being booked as a model at New York Fashion Week!

Acne-ridden teen Cassandra Bankson lands a modeling career at NYFW!
Acne-ridden teen Cassandra Bankson lands a modeling career at NYFW!

Cassandra, who’s a size 4, showed some of her make-up tricks and tips in the video which she uses to hide her cystic acne, a condition which she considers “an epidemic for adults as well as teens” (as told to Good Morning America). But after conquering her condition with the help of a dermatologist, the 5ft 11inch brunette is all set to hit the catwalk with confidence where she will be showcasing items from the U.S label Boy Meets Girl’s Spring/Summer Collection.

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Bankson was diagnosed with cystic acne at the age of 14 and has been struggling with the condition since. However, she says her condition has improved 70% since she had first hit the web. Her YouTube video has attracted 40 million hits worldwide and a number of modeling agencies across the U.S have signed her up to pose for brands such as Bebe and Range Rover.

Commenting on her first assignment, she told the NY Post, “It feels like a dream to be here during Fashion Week… I am a different person from who I used to be because I’ve got so much more confidence now. Through her sheer will and determination she stayed true to herself and overcame her insecurities. In the video she revealed how she looks without make-up which for her took a lot of courage. She sets an example for all the people who are struggling with their looks and also for those who judge others by their looks. She has proved her detractors wrong by showing them that beauty is superficial and what matters is your personality and determination.

Source: Foundation transformation: How teen model with severe acne masks her scars with incredible make-up application

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