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How would it be if you could know people around you much better than is possible? Amazing, isn’t it? That’s exactly what the new app – Sparks allows you to do. It is an app that helps you connect with people surrounding you and share your thoughts with them. Let me also tell you that the sharing is not restricted only to thoughts but you could also flaunt the beautiful pictures you have posed for. Now that’s something like never before and I’m sure you agree with me. Maintaining the already existing connections is also what makes this app a unique feature to have on your Smartphone.

Sparks - Discover New People by Paragon Proximates Limited
Sparks – Discover New People by Paragon Proximates Limited

This tells us why the app has become so popular even before its launch with an unbelievable number of per-registrations in the market. Its popularity could also be attributed to the number of profiles it allows you to view and the one to one chats it allows you to have. I’m sure you can’t name something that is better than this. On this occasion Paul Shetler, CEO of Paragon Proximates Ltd., creators of Sparks, states: “We designed Sparks because we wanted to use something more personal and more connected with our lives and neighborhoods than the increasingly noisy and impersonal global social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Sparks users will notice that the content they see changes as they move around town or around the world: everything the user is looking at is local and in real time. They can see what is happening around them at that very moment and interact with users based on shared interests and experiences.

“Sparks is about discovering new people who you might otherwise have passed by. It has been developed to broaden your social life, enabling you to meet new friends and associates who share the same interests in life as you,” he added.

Referring to the technology platform behind the app, Paul said: “Sparks has a cutting edge design that takes full advantage of the possibilities available through iOS to provide immersive experiences to its users. This design goes further than native iOS capabilities: we have created a split-screen interface with drag and drop content selection. This unique design sets Sparks apart from a myriad of me-too applications available in the market.”

SPARKS Mobile App:

Let’s take a quick look once again at the outstanding features of this amazing app. With Sparks, users can:

  • View up to 300 users’ profiles in the Discovery Grid
  • Chat to other users privately, for free
  • Follow other Sparks users to find them again quickly
  • Stay up-to-date with friends and followers on the Discovery Stream
  • Free and unlimited sharing of photos and updates on Sparks – and out to Facebook
  • Easily share private photos and videos in chat – with unlimited messaging
  • Choose who sees photos and videos in your Private Gallery

So what are you waiting for? Let your Smartphone sparkle with this new app. For that all you need to do is visit Sparks – Discover New People

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