Advertising – Nothing like before

One of the key tools to promotion is advertisements. While some companies opt out of it, many take that route to build brand image.

Never before has advertisement gone from being eye catching to completely delivering messages in the most versatile ways, an advertisement can make or break a company. By choosing the right method of advertisement, target market can be reached and positively be made into customers.

Creative - Yet Crazy - Advertisement Ideas
Creative – Yet Crazy – Advertisement Ideas

Companies are now spending millions of dollars yearly in advertisements. The world becoming a consumers land, consumerism is at its highest. The lives we live now are completely different from what were lived a decade ago even. As soon as we get paid our salaries they’re almost all spent on the long list of wants we describe to ourselves as needs. Well, who can blame us; we’re all victims of good advertising!

There are various areas of advertising, and they seem to be increasing with the development in the technological front. Marketers now have an array of modes of advertisements to chose from, while print and TV ads are the most common, wrapping, moving billboards, online advertising, celebrity advertising etc are now in the boom. Lets focus on how intellectually manipulated; weird, funny, engrossing advertisements have made their way into our worlds:

1. Funny Ads

These are the ones that focus on ticking your funny bone in order to grab your attention.

Funny and Creative Advertisements
Funny and Creative Advertisements

2. Disturbing Ads

These ads are motivated to get disturb your senses for a second in-order to grab your attention. The actual visual may not have anything to do with the product, but a one liner or caption on the advertisement explains the perception

Disturbing - Advertisements
Disturbing – Advertisements – Liquid hand wash disturbing Ad

3. Informative Ads

Ads focusing on parting valuable information come under this category. Instead of just painting down sentences of advice, creative investment is being made in-order to increase the appeal of these particular advertisements.

Creative and Informative Advertisements
Creative and Informative Advertisements

4. Witty Ads

Advertisements are sometimes designed to target your wit, these are great for making a person smile, and have a good impact in terms of memory. They are also ones that people will share with others as an experience they’ve had.

Witty Advertisements
Johnson and Johnson Ad – Witty and Crazy Advertisements

5. Manipulated Ads

A combination of witty and funny, these have a great impact on the viewer. They are focused at bringing down the competitor, or making fun of known characters or celebrities. This type is most enjoyed by viewers.

Manipulated Advertisements
Manipulated Advertisements – Using the catch phrase from the joker in batman – Even the straw chooses Pepsi over Coke!

Very Funny Pepsi Commercial:

While there will always remain ads of various forms, the main objective is to catch the eye. Negative or positive effect is not even the point here, as long as the customer is able to remember what it was for, they will most likely be compelled to purchasing the product.

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