After the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, it is now the Apple HDTV

After giving us iPhones, iPads, iPods, and laptops now Apple is going to come up with an HDTV. Can you believe it? Yes! We are going to have another amazing product of Apple in our homes very soon. Since it’s coming from Apple it won’t be like any other HDTV that is available in the market today.

Apple HDTV or iTV Prototype by Dan Draper Design for Cult of Mac
Apple HDTV or iTV Prototype by Dan Draper Design for Cult of Mac

This fact is obvious to us by now! So what are those extraordinary features that separate the Apple HDTV from the category of a whole lot of HDTVs out there? This article will answer all such questions of yours. After having spread all kinds of rumors about itself, the Apple HDTV is finally in news revealing to us those features that we have never seen before.

It is a complete package of LED-backlit Camera Displays, an iSight camera for a different experience of video conference calls with an inbuilt camera, and a voice-activated virtual assistant that is also a feature in iPhone 4S. One of its wonderful features includes its ability to recognize your face and zoom into it in spite of you being in any part of the room.

This saves you the trouble of standing in front of the TV to be visible in a video conference. With every product, Apple seems to be easing the life of man on earth. Now coming to Siri. You may ask what is the need for Siri in an HDTV.

You must realize that every feature in an Apple product has its own importance and Siri in this HDTV is no exception. This is given to you to empower you with wireless voice control. Since its features are so unique and beyond human imagination, the expectations laid on it are also very high.

New Apple HDTV: Would you get it?

Will it justify the Apple Tax that is levied on users?

Is one question that will be answered only when this much-hyped Apple product comes into the market. The huge shift from Apple’s usual range of products has also generated a lot of pressure on its users. A few years ago former CEO of Apple Mr. Steve Jobs said that he has cracked the code to create something that people would crave to own. This is why he called it the “cracked” TV.

Just like Apple changed your experience of listening to music, texting a friend, reading a book, and so on, it is all set to let you explore an all-new experience of watching TV. I’m sure after reading this article all the Apple fans are eager to make this HDTV their own.

But people, let me tell you that this won’t be possible before 2014. The TV will have its set-top box released next year and it’s only later that the TV will hit the showrooms. So do you think you are going to like it?

Source: All about the Apple HDTV rumored prototype

Image: Our Source Has Seen The Apple HDTV, Here’s What It Looks Like

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