‘Air Playit’ for High Quality Video Streaming and Playback

An increasing number of people are casting off the traditional video playing way. Instead, a majority of the switch to video streaming as a more intelligent and flexible mode. Through audio-video streaming, one can play home movies and music on the go via a local or remote network connection, instead of motionless sitting in front of the computer.

Air Playit - Streaming Video to iPhone iPad Android Anywhere
Air Playit – Streaming Video to iPhone iPad Android Anywhere

However, for one who pursues video playback with higher quality, it is necessary to master some tips to acquire more consistent streaming. Here we take Air Playit, a free audio/video streamer app, as an example.

With 320 built-in format Codecs, Air Playit can stream any audio video to iPad (incl. the 3rd-gen new iPad), iPhone (incl. iPhone 4S and the future iPhone 5), iPod Touch, and Android devices in a mobile way, and enable display videos on Apple TV with a bigger screen.

Tips for Video Streaming with Free Video Streamer – Air Playit Save Network Data Usage – Remote and local WiFi, 3G, and 4G can all be selected when streaming audio-video to mobile devices through Air Playit. But you are suggested to choose WiFi instead of 4G if possible because 4G is much more data consumptive than the WiFi network in video streaming.

Choose Consistent Playback Mode – Air Playit provides real-time conversion and playback, so you can start playing the video while it is being converted. But if sometimes a smooth network connection cannot be guaranteed, you are allowed to choose “Offline Conversion” for later playback instead of instant playing. In this way, you can enjoy videos more fluently without any pause.

Conduct Remote Control– Air Playit can help you carry out some remote control and operation through the away-from-home devices on the go. You can make remote streaming and playing instructions, or remotely power off your computer after finishing watching. In this way, video streaming can be more flexible and trouble-saving.

Air Playit - Streaming Video to iPhone iPad Android Anywhere
Air Playit – Streaming Video to iPhone iPad Android Anywhere

Detailed Steps for Consistent and High-Quality Video Streaming:

  1. Free Download Air Playit Server between Windows and Mac editions at Air Playit, install it on your PC or Mac, and then free download and install Air Playit App Client on your mobile device.
  2. Run the server. Establish your own video library with all the videos you like. Add the video folders in the “Shared folders” of the server to enable future video streaming and playback on iPhone, iPad, etc.
  3. Run the Client on your iOS or Android device, find the local server or remote server. In order to save data consumption, you can choose WI (WiFi) network connection if it is available.
  4. Find the video folder. Choose the desired video and you can play it immediately without waiting. But if your network is not very stable, you can choose the “Offline Conversion” mode to fast download the videos first and appreciate them when you are free. Thus, the playback process can be enabled in an extremely smooth way and in a non-network situation.

Sounds interesting? Why not try this tiny tool Air Playit and share your short reviews!

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