AIRPod: A magical Air-Powered Car worth $10,000

AirPod - MDI Cars - Tested on Tata Motors vehicles

Looks like the concern for public health and the environment is increasing among people. The sudden springing up of this concern has led to many environment-friendly steps like the banning of plastic.

Now it’s time to abandon your car and drive an AIRPod! Wondering what that is? It’s an eco-friendly car that allows you to forget about petrol prices.

Adding up to this is its small size and fewer prices, which make your life easier in a metropolitan city. Imagine driving with a joystick that costs you not more than one euro per 200 kilometres. Can anything in this world get cheaper than that?

AIRPod is the culmination of MDI studies on pollution & urban mobility and is the first of its kind and probably the only one for years to come. This is the only vehicle that weighs less than 500kg. Now you know why I called it the only one of its kind.

AIRPod is part of the MDI production license of “less than 500kg vehicles” and will be manufactured on the original production concept proposed by MDI. MDI’s (Motor Development International) air engine technology is successfully tested on Tata Motors vehicles.

Airpod Prototype running in Nice, France
Q&A on’s AirPod with Cyril Negre 1 of 2

If yours is a small nuclear family, the AIRPod is best suited for you. This car has four seats which can accommodate three adults and a kid. Since it’s a tiny car, it can accommodate itself anywhere which means you will never have parking issues.

The small stature of the car makes it best suited for the private and public sectors. Airports, train stations and municipalities, the Post, factory handling and delivery roads, and small logistics.

So? Don’t you want to own it? Well, I guess that you have to wait until it is released on the market and the price is announced!

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