All izz well for Chetan or 3 Idiots?

Any publicity is good publicity” goes the adage and it certainly holds true for 3 Idiots! A storm has been raging in the last few days over the story and script of the movie. The movie borrows its story from Chetan Bhagat’s book “Five Point Someone” and the writer and his book have been given rolling credit buried somewhere at the end of the movie. The film’s director Rajkumar Hirani claims he purchased Chetan Bhagat book’s rights for the film and said that a contract had been signed with the writer for the same. Also, there was agreement over the script after it was narrated to Chetan Bhagat.

Chetan Bhagat or 3 Idiots
All izz well for Chetan Bhagat or 3 Idiots?

Chetan Bhagat on the other hand accused the “3 Idiots” makers of denying him due credit for the story of the film once it released. Those who have read the book “Five Point Someone” cannot deny reflections of the book in “3 Idiots”. From characters to certain witty one liners one could see some semblance of the book in the movie.

A small argument turned into a huge controversy with Aamir Khan going to the extent of blaming Chetan hungry for publicity. One wonders what made a person as credible as Aamir Khan say something like that. Clearly Chetan Bhagat needs no more publicity. Maybe Aamir is new into the literature world but Chetan created a storm ages ago with “Five Point Someone” which catapulted him from an IIM graduate to the most loved author in India.

The controversy flamed further with Vidhu Vinod Chopra(VVC) when a certain reporter asked him about Chetan’s allegations and VVC asked him if he read the book, to which the reporter replied in negative and VVC asked him to “shut up”. One wonders why no one asked Aamir to “shut up” when Aamir clearly stated he did not read the book and went on and on about how the movie was different from the book!

CHETAN BHAGAT & 3 Idiots controversy with DR. PRAVEEN TIWARI on LIVE INDIA part 1

Chetan Bhagat says ‘3 Idiots’ his story, Aamir Khan slams the claim

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Shameful Act @ 3 Idiots Promotion

Aamir Khan Lashes Out At Chetan Bhagat

The makers say they abided by the contract, Chetan says he was fooled, what is true, what is not only time can tell. The argument over giving credit or denying the same does not look like it’s dying soon. But one thing is for sure. This gives free publicity and more revenue to both Chetan and the “3 Idiots” team. Better take it than leave it. If not, it would be a while before Chetan Bhagat or “3 Idiots” makers could say All izz well!

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