All that happened in 2011!

When December comes its not just the Christmas, Santa and a new year resolution that one thinks of or should be thinking of. One also ought to know or recollect if I may say so how good or how bad the year was which is on the verge of its end. It is a lesson for us each time to remember not only the happy moments but also the tragic or the sad ones in order to be able to avoid repeating them over and over again.

A Recap of 2011
A Recap of 2011

So lets quickly take a look or go to the flashback of the year 2011 : Year in 60 seconds: 2011.

As mentioned earlier the world has had its share of both good and bad events this year. This made an expert or an analyst like Thomson Reuters’ give his review over this eventful year. So lets take a look.

The year made many sad and unhappy by causing them a loss of their loved ones in many unspeakable ways raging from natural calamities to attacks by anti social elements existing in the society. There was a massive loss of population and property due to the earthquake that stuck New Zealand. This not only took lives but also crippled many for a life time. Now let me mention something to cheer you up. Durable goods in America are likely to contribute to its recovery from recession. Now that’s a wow! To add to our joy Toyota company is expecting to create records by the time new year begins. But again to our dismay 2011 is the same unfortunate year that witnessed a life taking spread of fire in San Francisco. The war in Iran is also worth a mention here. Romney quoted the Iraq pullout a signature failure of Obama. What a disappointing year for the president.

There’s more friends it is the same year in which Japan witnessed regional uncertainty to curb which she took up the F35. An unexpected trouble huh….. Columbia also did not stay back in tragedies as it saw a bullfight that injured six people. The most recent tragedy being the death of Steve Jobs the CEO of the famous Apple company. Okay now enough of sad news. The goods things that happened this year include the royal wedding of William and Kate which was much talked about. With this I conclude by wishing for a better year ahead. Happy New Year in advance folks.

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