An Ad that intends social reform – Tanishq!

Today I’m going to start with a quiz. Have you watched Prem Rog? The famous movie depicts the plight of an unfortunate woman who is widowed at a very young age and the struggle of a young man to marry her.

This depiction of the taboo has been the truth in almost all parts India. The plight of divorced and deserted women was also pretty similar. Basing their inspiration on the same issue which is deeply rooted in the Hindu Social Organization, Tanishq has come up with a unique ad to promote their contemporary jewellery while acting with a social conscious.

Tanishq – A wedding to remember

The ad starts with a lady getting ready for her wedding while a little girl looks on from behind a pillar. Looking at the girl peeping the bride calls her closer and they get into a playful mood. Later the bride walks to the mandap with the kid and the couple are going around the holy fire. It’s only when the girl calls out “Mamma” asking to be allowed to participate in the rituals that we realize the concept of a second marriage that the ad intends to promote. We see that the step dad invites the little girl and carries her along during the pheras. This also represents the kind of acceptance that people have or should have towards their step kids.

Throwing more light on the concept of this thought provoking ad Arun Iyer, NCD, Lowe Lintas and Partners, said, “The creative brief was that we wanted to highlight the new age wedding collection from Tanishq”. The TVC also brings to light the design differentiation of the collection. Keeping the collection in mind the story also had to be different and new age. We realized that remarriage is a nice, new and bold topic that is getting spoken about much more than earlier. We realized that a lot of conversations were taking place around this topic. And to pick a topic like this is a progressive thing for a brand to do. So thus, Tanishq has made a nice, new and progressive statement.”

Full credit should be given to Tanishq and we must also appreciate the social responsibility with which the team acted. I end this article with a hope that it rings a bell in the minds of all those who still cling to the ancient discrimination of a lonely woman and that it will eventually lead to a social change that our reformers expected to see!

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