An Eco friendly vacuum cleaner for a healthier environment at home

We speak, read and write so much about all forms of pollution in the environment. But is our house completely pure? Is the cleaning we do enough to keep us healthy? Not many of us have the time to answer these questions.

Those who do have come up with the concept of an invironment! No I didn’t spell it wrong. It’s a word taking our attention to indoor environment.

This method was used in Los Angels, Sao Paolo, Stockholm, Singapore, Paris, Seoul and Taipei. Two houses in each of these cities. The result? They found particles from the rarest to the most common category like iron rich gypsum, lead particles, Bauxite, Dolomite mineral, traces of marine organism skeletons and general content of mineral. From the findings of senior scientist and Phd holder GulaimSeisenbaeva if has been reviled that 58% of the pollution is invited home when we return after a whole day’s hard work. The car motor lubricants, exhaust residues and harmful fumes emerging from car breaks can be stated as examples of the pollution we could be bringing home everyday.

The Electrolux Invironment Project

Did you know that an ordinary vacuum cleaner pollutes more than cleaning your house? The research at Invironment Project revealed this hidden information. The project didn’t just end at pointing out the problem. They have given us an amazing solution that solves all our problems. They have given us a vacuum cleaner with Electrolux flagship model, the UltraOne that will create a healthy environment at home with its well balanced combination of suction, airflow and dust pick up.
Apart from having this wonderful vacuum cleaner with you follow some simple tips for a healthy home. Keeping widows open during rainfall is beneficial as it avoids concentration of dust particles. Make sure you have some plants around your house that do the job of filtering the air that you let in. Another simple and most often advised tip is to take off your footwear before entering the house. As obvious as this is frequent vacuum cleaning of the house. Finally change your lifestyles to something that is more environment friendly. Follows these tips to live a healthy and a long life. Hope you enjoyed reading this piece of information.

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