Andrew Majtenyi to take over the Fashion Week with his Autumn – Winter Collection 2011

Whenever we see models walking the ramp with those beautifully designed unusual outfits it makes us wish we had at least one piece of that collection. Every season we have different designers putting forward their creative best! It is their creative ideas that make a variety of cloths available every season.

Andrew Majtenyi Autumn/Winter Collection 2011
Andrew Majtenyi Autumn/Winter Collection 2011

So once again we have an extraordinary product from an outstanding designer. Want to know who it is? Andrew Majtenyi is the name of this incredible person who has made wonders out of cloth this year. He has come up with his Autumn – Winter Collection 2011 and gonna exhibit their fabulous collection at Paris Fashion Week:

5-9 March
Galerie Cadain,
76 Rue Quincampoix,
Paris 75003

The collection, inspired by early 20th century book-binding, features 40 select pieces ranging from €80 to over €400 wholesale; and £95 to £350 wholesale.

What we are going to see in this fashion week is a combination of hundred percent wool and silk along with tailored separates. This has been done to bring back the look of the glamorous evening wear and elegant silhouettes of the 1930’s and 40’s. Combined with this are the sportswear concepts for the ‘’sportification’’ in the words of Andrew himself. Wow! This would probably take us back to the royal British life of those days. Then there’s not much we have missed. Thanks to Andrew! We can experience the ancient look and also set a new trend for people to follow. With so many new creations from his mind Andrew is sure to receive millions of applause’s and praises.

Andrew Majtenyi is no ordinary designer. It will be overwhelming to know that he is a three time winner of the Design Exchange Award for Fashion Design in the years 2006,07 and 08. This is the most prestigious award in Canada given to honor innovation of design in creative industries. He is best known for his remarkable designs in the fields of sky diving, rehabilitation and the disabled. This talented designer had the privilege of being apprentice under master tailors who were known to be specialists in theatre costume and ballet and who worked for one of the most prestigious companies of his time known as Canadian Productions. Hmmmmm….. so this is the story behind this successful man! I can’t wait to see his creations this fashion week. What about you?

Here is an exclusive snapshot of Andrew Majtenyi Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection:
Andrew Majtenyi LookBook Autumn/Winter 2011

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  1. I think this will take over on all, this is really a beautiful designed and waiting for when it will be executed, .Thanks for sharing, i wasn’t knowing about this stuff.

  2. I think this will take over on all, this is really a beautiful designed and waiting for when it will be executed, .Thanks for sharing, i wasn’t knowing about this stuff.

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