Android Design Preview Tool for Designers and Developers!

This Android Design Preview tool gonna make designers and developers job easy to preview their work live on Android devices. Android Design Preview tool which actually mirror a portion of your desktop to your Android device which is connected to PC over USB – whether it can be an Android Mobile or Tablet, the tool automatically picks the size of the connected device and will provide you a preview area on desktop.

Android Design Preview Tool for Designer and Developer
Android Design Preview Tool for Designer and Developer

This tool is very useful for visual designers as well as developers, this tool can help streamline your high-fidelity mockup workflow. Go to Android UI Utilities site and download Android Design Preview latest version for free either for Mac or Windows or Linux – if you are running it on Windows make sure you open it with Java – The latest version of JDK should be installed in PC or if you have already installed the Android SDK, you are good enough to try this tiny beta version.

And make sure you have enabled USB debugging mode in your Android device before you try this tool. You can read more about Android Design Preview tool from Roman Nurik.

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  1. There is also an app for that which makes it a lot easier. Search for “The Preview” in Google Play.

    1. Hello @google-93dd46c0c5c3707f684f5847d5534d00:disqus I din’t find any app like that in Google Play – would be great if you could either share the url or the exact name of the app – I have search for “The Preview” but not found any app in the market!

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