Another Apple falls to change Man’s life forever.

The fall of Apple has always been a significant event in man’s life. First, Adam’s Apple fell, then Newton’s apple fell; now it’s time for Steve Jobs’ Apple to fall. Yes! You heard me right. The most famous and the most loved brand for electronics is getting ready to face the greatest downfall of life.

The fall of Apple
The fall of Apple

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Whether the fall is because of the loss experienced by Apple in the form of Steve Jobs’ death or other brands have been catching up faster is yet to be discovered. For the time being, all we know is although Apple is still at the zenith, there is a prediction that it may not be able to keep up the growth rate.

The experts also have evidence supporting their predictions. The net income that had risen from 55% in 2003 to 85% in 2011 dropped to 60% last year.

People could speculate and attribute many reasons for this sudden downfall, but today I’m going to reveal the real reason in this article. Apple has witnessed the loss of a quarter of the value of its stock prices last year owing to the lack of trust expressed by investors about the company’s future.

In addition to this, Android has constantly left Apple behind in the race of smartphones in the U.S. But as they say, nothing lasts forever. This downfall has given Apple some time to gather all its strengths and develop another unique product. This means that we are in for a beautiful surprise soon. Let us wish Apple all the luck in the world and wait for a fantastic product to boast about!

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