Aperion comes up with ARIS wireless speaker for Windows!

The Audio company Aperion has stepped forward with their new wireless speaker. Aperion has come up with a Hi-Fi sound ARIS™ speaker via Wi-Fi for Windows. And guess what? It will be available only at 500 dollars (Pre-Order before June 15th and save 10% off). Now you could ask me how I came to know of it before it stepped into the market. It is one of the easy to use gadgets you will have in your house. It works with just a push of a button and that’s it! You can listen to music from any corner of your house with a device connected to it.

NEW! ARIS™ Wireless Speaker System for Windows
NEW! ARIS™ Wireless Speaker System for Windows

All you need is Wi-Fi or Ethernet and your job is done. It is also best suited for your computer that works on Windows 7 or 8. The best part is if you are a smartphone user you also have the freedom to choose your song. Isn’t that great? Now lets take a closer look at the amazing features of this wonderful device. To start with it’s a single piece with an aluminum enclosure. It comes along with an adjustable and removable steel base. It measures 4.5 inches in height and 14.75 inches in width and with a full 100 Watts RMS total power guarantee the audiophile-grade speakers in ARIS come in LOUD and clear. So it’s a cute little piece that can decorate any part of your house. There are six internal speakers with three sound modes – natural, bass boost and enhanced stereo. Let the music suit your mood.

Key Features:

  • Single-piece brushed aluminum enclosure
  • Adjustable and removable steel base
  • 100 W RMS total power
  • Six internal speakers (four powered drivers, two passive radiators)
  • Three sound modes: natural, bass boost and enhanced stereo
  • Simple connection to your home network via push-button or wizard for Wi-Fi and plug-and-play for Ethernet
  • Compatible with Windows 7 Play To and with Windows 8 Consumer Preview
  • DLNA® certified

Now what could be a better assurance of the product than this? I know all you people out there cant wait to decorate your living room with this device. And this unfortunately does not seem likely until mid June. As they say best things often come after much delay so this is definitely one of the best things you are going to shop for. What do you say? Do you like it?

Source: NEW! ARIS™ Wireless Speaker System for Windows

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