Apple 3g to take the world by storm?

Apple iPhone 3G

Apple recently launched its new version of 3g phones in 22 countries which has taken the world by storm. The new phone provides GPS, 3G, recessed earphone jack and a glossy plastic back with chrome buttons on the hardware front. Couple with this its 3.5 inch crystal clear display, a brilliant 480×320 pixel resolution which make colors stand out, some sharp graphics and fluid animations. This makes the new iphone an excellent gaming device too!

The bright icons look stunning on the dark background and the fluid animations are a treat to watch on this phone. The menu of this key less phone is sensitive as well as intuitive with some smart multi touch technology to sense the movement of the fingers of the user in a variety of ways.

The phone has a motion sensor, which enables it to adjust its display orientation automatically based on the way it is flipped by the user.

On the software front, the phone provides Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync which enables access of e-mails, calendars and other features for corporate users. It also brings along with it the 2.0 firmware which enables the AppStore, enabling the user to download apps for the iPhone over the air. The phone has its customary ipod and provides the capability to install hundreds of free ‘apps’ which would be soon available on the internet.

Where the phone could have fared better was its camera. Unfortunately for the buyers, they get a 2 megapixel camera without a flash and can’t shoot videos. Now that is a let off when compared with other smart phones which offer a 3.2 mega pixel camera.

Though these are early days for the phone, it could be said that this new avatar of iphone is slimmer, lighter and and offers features which would suit people on the move, corporates and those who like to carry the ‘fashion’ with them!

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