Apple Ditches Glass for Liquid Metal in iPhone 5

The Apple gadgets have always attracted a lot of attention due to one reason or the other. This time its in news for an all new reason and that is use of metal instead of glass in its making. No one knows how far this is true but if a Korean news site – ET News is to be believed the next Apple product will be available not in glass but in liquid metal. Why this sudden change in material still remains a mystery at this point. No one is sure even about the truth in the Korean news site. Way back in 2010 Apple had acquired exclusive license to Liquid metal. Can this be considered as their first step in this process?

iPhone ditches Glass for Liquid Metal!
iPhone ditches Glass for Liquid Metal!

The Liquid metal Technologies on the other hand claims more strength elasticity and hardness in its product in comparison to other metals like aluminum and stainless steal. If that is so then Apple probably deserves appreciation for an appropriate decision. The same source also reveals that Apple is not alone in this venture.

Popular company and rival to Samsung also plans to use this material for its Galaxy 3GS Smartphone version. I guess it is very natural in this case. When Apple is moving ahead how could Samsung be left behind? Just last December Boy Genius Report said they the company decided on using aluminum as a backing for its phones.

This Liquid metal that is rumored to be part of iPhone 5 was discovered in California and is a mix of a number of metals like titanium, nickel, copper and other such things. A combination of iPhone and Liquid metal will give us a unique scratch free phone that we always wanted. This is guaranteed by the Liquid metal case that is expected to accompany iPhone 5. Now with Liquid metal your iPhone will be as smooth as liquid. So are you ready to explore an all new iPhone.

The below video explains the elastic behavior of Liquid Metal which bounce like ball etc. Means iPhone 5 will be break free? – Video from Why we shouldn’t get too excited about a ‘Liquidmetal’ iPhone 5

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