Apple ordered to remove ‘obscene content’ by Chinese Govt.

Apple has been in a bit of rut with the Chinese government recently. The People’s Daily Newspaper slammed the company and accused it of being “empty and self-praising” because it has shrugged off customer complaints and refused journalists’ requests for interviews. Adding to that was the recent order by the Government of China to remove ‘obscene content’ from their China App Store.

Apple Store, Shanghai, Nanjing East
Apple Store, Shanghai, Nanjing East

Part of having goodwill is maintaining it, Apple is a hit in the USA and continues to slowly take over the world with their phones, and tablets but this type of customer dissatisfaction can result in negative outcomes for the company. Even after the company’s apology this month with regards to poor customer service, The National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications named Apple among 198 websites ordered to remove content. Carolyn Wu, an Apple spokeswoman in Beijing, declined to comment on the report by Xinhua News Agency. Mark Tanner, founder of China Skinny which is a Shanghai based research and marketing agency said; “Anyone operating in China on that scale needs to realize that government relations are a huge part of doing business,” he also added that; “These types of campaigns have a lot of sway with Chinese consumers.”

Tim Cook CEO of Apple apologizes to the China Govt.

China is a huge market, their population is a evidence of that they have more than 564 million Web users, censors the Internet by blocking access to pornography, gambling and content critical of the Communist Party’s rule. The company has promised to change its customer practice this month, it also vowed to improve service and monitoring of stores authorized to sell its products in China.

Information Source: Bloomberg

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