Apples iPhone 6 Rumors are in the air

Apple obsessed users have some juicy rumors to feed on, Macotacara; the Japenese blog that has previously surfaced accurate information about unannounced Apple products now says that there is a polycarbonate iPhone 6 in process to release next year.

Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6

The phone is designed a little different from the previous iPhones introduced by the company.The phone is rumored to feature a polycarbonate body akin to the material used on Appleā€™s discontinued base-model MacBook laptop. According to the blog the phone is also supposedly going to feature a larger 4.5-inch display and be slightly thicker than current iPhone models as well. The thickness of the model will definitely have great effect on increasing the durability of the product as well. The company is trying to hit a retail price point of $330, which is obviously significantly lower than the present iPhone 5 price tag i.e. $650.

Basically it looks like Apple is trying to diversify it’s niche market, and make sure more users of lower income and larger screen wants can now be iPhone owners. Quality aside, increasing the number of users is key to keeping up popularity of any brand. And with intense competition in the smartphone business it seems like a sane move by the company.

Next iPhone Could Feature a 4.5-Inch Display:

True or untrue sounds like a deal to us, the mystery will get solved only next year, but it’s nice to have hopes, especially when it’s Apple in the conversation.

Information Source: BGR

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