Apps to help track your wallet and other essentials

Losing anything in our fast lives is just not welcome. There are apps for everything these days aren’t there! Woolet and Tile are two such apps. While their purpose is the same, the scope differs. Let’s dig deeper shall we?

Starting off with Woolet, it is a Bluetooth powered app that helps you track your wallet through your Android or iOS devices. The app is designed exclusively for men and has some great features. Woolet is basically a smart wallet, which notifies your phone and sounds an alarm if you’re too far from it. The wallet itself looks simple, slim (9.9mm) and chic. It’s available in sleek black and classic suede both of which are made from hand-dressed calf leather; it’s designed to hold most currency sizes. The outstanding features of the wallet are

  1. That it can help you find your phone, if you can’t locate it, this is possible because of the built in ringer in the wallet.
  2. The wallet is self-charging, so there’s no worry or hassle in making sure the wallet functions at all times.

Woolet The Slimmest Smart Wallet for the Modern Man:

You phone would have to have 4.0 or 4.1 Bluetooth in-order to use this app. The distance tracking feature gives you the option to specify the distance (6-25m) in which you want it to show alerts. So this app mainly focuses on not going too far from the wallet itself. Also, great if you’re particular about being robbed. The product is available for pre-order and is expected to ship in April 2015.

Coming to the other competitor that may be providing you more than what Woolet does. Tile is a Bluetooth enabled gadget that will help you find anything; it’s not exclusive to a particular item in your life. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.You simple have to keep the tile in or with what you generally tend to lose. This could be your wallet, remote control, keys, even your luggage! The Tile costs $25 a piece, but there are discounts on multiple packs. It looks sleek(37mm x 37mm x 5.3 mm), and has a hole on the upper right size which enables you to add it to your key ring or other such items. Tile’s Bluetooth range extends up to 100 feet, and the alarm is audible enough even in a noisy area. If the Tile is too far out of range, user can use the community find feature in the app to locate it. The tile is water resistant because it’s one piece and can’t be opened to change parts, users would have to get a new replacement if it gets damaged.

Tile – the world’s largest lost and found – wallet finder and key locator:

Which app is more suitable for you depend on how much you will use it, relevance is key here. The Tile says it can last a year, and since there’s no need to recharge it may be a more convenient tool. Tile has definitely more scope in terms of usage than Woolet. While Woolet is gender specific targeting men, Tile is more versatile. Woolet however may be considered a great gift for a special male in your life.

So what’s it going to be for you, Woolet or The Tile?

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