Are Technology Brands Using Sport Sponsorship To Their Advantage?

In the modern world consumers are getting their fix of sporting action from a whole range of different sources. Sponsorship offers an enticing way for a brand to reach a large and varied audience and this is particularly true for technology brands whose target market often overlaps handily with the people most gripped by the action on the field at an international event such as this year’s Rugby World Cup.

The enhanced kudos of being a close partner to such an event can send a strong message to customers and help to get them to associate a brand’s name with success and quality. Then there’s also the exposure that big audiences on TV, radio and in print brings.

Furthermore, brands are now fully incorporating sport into their adverts, knowing full well that their particular clip will be advertised just moments before and after a major sporting fixture. Gumtree, which ranks as one of the top 30 websites in the United Kingdom, announced a new sponsorship deal with BT Sport earlier this year and has control of the adverts that will be shown throughout, before and after a football match on the channel.

BT Sport is the new home of Champions League final and the channel’s popularity has soared in recent months. While the likes of Setanta Sports failed to last as a prolonged rival to Sky, BT Sport appears to be building a challenge to the market leader and could even overtake their conglomerate rivals in the near future. This would be a result that would only help to boost Gumtree’s status and impact in financial markets and could see a rise in the cost of shares – showing the financial clout that sport has.

In the adverts in question, Gumtree will use BT Sport regulars Robbie Savage and Darren Fletcher and the company will be hoping that these two recognizable figures will help their image. The deal with BT Sport is Gumtree’s biggest sponsorship deal to date, but that shows that they like the direction that the company is heading in and believe that it could well be worth a long-term investment.

In this year’s Rugby World Cup, a number of the world’s leading technological corporations are involved in the sponsorship of the event. The likes of Toshiba, Fujitsu and Canon are among the tournament’s leading sponsors and will prosper from the added exposure in the public domain. While this isn’t a guarantee, these companies will all be confident of a rise in sales – especially as the tournament comes right ahead of the pre-Christmas shopping push.

The competition is set to be one of the best events on the sporting calendar and has the potential to have one of the biggest impacts of all-time off the field. Sport sponsorship is becoming incredibly effective in the modern era, particularly due to accessibility all over the world, with hundreds of millions of people tuning in to watch these major sporting events. Toshiba, Canon and Fujitsu will all be hoping that the competition goes smoothly and they, like Gumtree, are able to prosper from the additional increase in public exposure and rise in advertising and marketing throughout the tournament. The action provides an opportunity that they, just like the competitors on the field, will be looking to ‘convert’.

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