Are we losing touch with Newspapers?

Gone are the days when we used to wait early in the morning for the newspaper boy to arrive so we could catch hold of all the news. These days I am sure many of you agree that reading the hard copy version of the newspaper has fairly reduced.

When I start reading the newspaper, many times I realize I have already read these news items, and very hardly do I find news that is new and mostly it’s local news. I am sure this is the case with you all.

Reading Newspaper Online or Offline?
Reading Newspaper Online or Offline?

This is because of the lightning-fast media which reaches us within no time in terms of online news, Television, Radio, Mobile SMS news alerts, etc. Time and again we are browsing online, a news article catches our attention and there you go, the process continues and we have all the latest news with us.

If the news is worth knowing, we know it in minutes. Log on to the internet, switch on the television or the radio or subscribe to mobile news and you have the most updated news within no time. Since the media has become very handy, anyone can now get updated with the latest happenings around. In fact the agencies these days have the online version of their own newspapers.

Sometimes I wonder if I am paying for the advertisements that appear in the newspaper than for reading the news. Except for the local sales or classifieds, there is not much interesting news left in the newspapers anymore.

In this lightning-fast era where information is available at our fingertips, do we really need a newspaper? Or is it that the joy of holding a cup of coffee in one hand, and a fresh copy of the newspaper in the other, very early in the morning, can never be replaced by anything else? What do you think?

Do you still get the newspaper at home? Or you prefer not to waste money on it when the news is freely available. Let us know your thoughts.

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