Are you quitting Facebook on May 31st 2010?

You might have already heard about the Facebook Privacy policy issues, the range of issues became more problematic to the users that even wikipedia has created a separate page on Criticism of Facebook. If you search in Google like “Facebook Privacy Issues” or “How to delete Facebook Account?” you end up with thousands of articles/blog posts/discussions on criticizing Facebook.

Are you planning to Quit Facebook on May 31st 2010?
Are you planning to Quit Facebook on May 31st 2010?

Many wants to quit or delete or remove the Facebook account permanently due to their complex Privacy Policy and due to this there is no security of users personal data in Facebook.

Here are the couple of articles which gives the reasons to quit or delete Facebook account:

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and here are the couple of sites which tells you on how to delete the Facebook account:

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Quit Facebook –

Few dis-satisfied Facebook users are planning for a mass quit or mass deleting of their Facebook accounts. Here are the couple of sites who are asking users to quit and encouraging to join them – like and asks users “commit to quit!” – as of now I see 2900 Facebook users commits to quit the Facebook on May 31st 2010 and I see the count is increasing. Will there be a major drop in popularity of Facebook after that – can’t say have to wait and see.

So what do you feel about this? Will Facebook respond to this and comes up with a better and secure Privacy Policy?

Are you planning to quit Facebook on May 31st 2010?

How about me? – I would say BIG “NO” to it, I am not planning to quit or delete my Facebook account.

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  1. No Iam not quitting Facebook it is very, very useful ad quick. Ican continue wioth Face book! i love it!

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