Art and Creativity through some amazing 3D murals

Creativity holds no bars, and this is been proved by some really creative work organized by for a new Activision game BLUR Game. As a part of the same, a series of dimensional artworks have been placed in a few European cities of London, Madrid, and Berlin.

British Artist Crafts Life-Sized 3D Mural to Celebrate the Launch of Activision's Blur
British Artist Crafts Life-Sized 3D Mural to Celebrate the Launch of Activision’s Blur

Mural adorning large parts of a wall has always been a sight to watch given the magnitude of the area covered with lively colors.

The works exhibited by have been painted on the wall and for an instance give the viewer an impression of being real! Apart from the 3 – dimensional effect, which is one of the striking aspects of the work, the choice of colors also brings out the novelty in ideas. Well, my pick would be two cars crashing into each other against a rainbow in London and a car crashing into a wall in Madrid.

Have a look for yourself and let us know your take on it..!

Blur Street Art Timelapse, Hackney, London

Blur Street Art Timelapse, Hackney, London

More Pics at Flickr – BlurStreetArt’s photostream

What, where, and when?
The 3D artwork, which from a specific perspective fully pulls the audience into the piece, features two cars crashing through the wall at high speed directly into a rainbow-drenched fantasy world.

Designed and Created by UK-based artist, Gavin Nolan, the London mural adorns the wall of the Old Street Magistrates court in the heart of trendy East London and has been catching the eyes of passersby since Wednesday.

An internationally established artist educated at the Royal Academy, Gavin Nolan* has been working laboriously, taking over 30 hours, to bring the colossal mural to life. Using a mixture of materials including water-based acrylic and spray paint, Gavin and his team were able to paint the mural directly onto the wall.

“Taking inspiration from Blur has allowed us to juxtapose the real world vs. the fantasy giving us, as artists, the perfect opportunity to create striking and eye-catching imagery,” explained Gavin Nolan.

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