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Seema Kohli Arts 3Seema Kohli is a self taught artist without any formal training. And that makes her style fresh and certainly not influenced by any western art movement or the �in-vogue� post-modernism. Though she’s an artist of a few words, her canvases make you delve deep into the philosophy of life.
A year ago artist Seema Kohli showed her series The Golden Womb to Ebrahim Alkazi, veteran art connoisseur and promoter, Delhi’s oldest collector of art and an extremely choosy curator. The 84-year-old man of few words didn’t verbally express what he thought of her works.

Seema Kohli Arts 2

Seema says the concept of the Hiranyagrabha or the �golden womb� is her source of inspiration. It hit her in the most unlikely of circumstances, when verses were being recited at her mother’s funeral.Right now, Seema is working for an upcoming show in the capital. She works in layers with gold dust, paint wash and finally the intricate patterns in ink, which take the form of flowers, animals and all signs of proliferation of life.

Seema Kohli Arts 1

Coming to the price for her Art workIn 2002,each painting costs around Rs.20,000 whereas in 2007 the cost of paintings has been raised to Rs.8lakhs

But now the current price break down is as follows

6 by 5 ft � Rs 8 lakhs

3 by 4 ft � Rs 4 lakhs

2 by 2 ft � Rs 1.5 lakhs

You can catch some of Seema Kohli�s inimitable art works at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi from the 11th of this month.

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