Australians champions of DLF cup…

Australians defeated Windies by a comprehensive margin and proved once again the kind of stuff they are made up of-Quality.

Although they began the tournament on a scratchy note, they quickly pulled up their bootstraps after their defeat at the hands of the West Indies. What followed thereafter was a well oiled unit performing ‘near optimally’.

Discipline is something that the Indian team needs to learn from the Aussies. Even when they were three wickets down in the final, they played in a disciplined manner and ensured that the team reached a safe position. Place this against the performance of the Indian team against the aussies in the qualifying match, and one gets a marked divergence between the two.

The Indians were cruising and all that was needed was some cool and disciplined performance. But the likes of Dhoni, ‘played the devil’, by playing shots which were completely uncalled for, just to satiate his aggresive instincts and live up to the reputation of being a ‘blaster’. One could say that individual laurels superceeded the team interests in this case and evetually India succumbed, a humiliating defeat.

Some bad team management decision such as playing unfit players like Yuvraj who failed to click as expected contributed even more to this overall downfall. If one puts this decision of playing unfit players against resting some one like a Gilchrist who is Austalia’s premiere batsmen & wicket keeper, as a part of their rotation policy, it clearly brings out the confidence of the management on the bench of the Australian team.

Although Gilshrist did not play the tournament, his place was taken by Brad Haddin who made an impression of sorts with the gloves and the bat.
So some poor decision, irresponsible approach and lack of discipline spelt Indian team’s nemesis and it lived upto its reputation of being a wooden sword during the hour of the need.
With Champions Trophy around the corner, the players needs to sort out their priorities and work cohesively as a unit. Players need to learn to adapt to situations and play as per the need of the hour which is something champions are made up of! A single Dhoni or Dravid would not be able to win India the Champions trophy!

We need team India and the earlier Indian team realises this the better…

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