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India Initiates Plastic Ban making way to a healthy life!

After the life taking floods that occurred in Mumbai, the Government of Maharashtra decided to ban the use of any form of plastic in the state. Although it is completely unacceptable to entirely blame the natural calamity on the use of plastics, we could be glad that a small but very effective step has been

Drunken driving could be harmful but Driving A Drunken Car is Not!

How many of you have heard of a car which is drunk? Nope. It’s no fairytale or cartoon. It’s a real car developed by a group of intellectual group of people from the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. It got the name Schluckspecht [a German term for boozer] because one of the first

No more Nuclear Power says Germany

While the rest of the world shows excessive selfishness by a craving for development, being least concerned about its after-effects, Germany is showing immense concern about environmental exploitation in the developmental processes. The German coalition government has recently disclosed its decision to end the use of Nuclear Power by the year 2022.

Get Ready to ride on Grant Ryan’s Lightest YikeBike

It was 5 years the hard work, intelligence, and creativity of Grant Ryan which resulted in the birth of the YikeBike on the 2nd September 2009 in Germany. This YikeBike has been created by Ryan keeping in mind the urban street problems and lack of time. It is a cycle like a motorbike which has

The Wonderful Life and Teachings of Sri M!

It’s time to unwind the story of a great sage. Today I’m going to take you on a tour of Mr. Mumtaz Ali‘s life. Mumtaz Ali who is better known as Sri M is a noble, kind-hearted person born on the 6th of November 1948 in Trivandrum in the Indian state of Kerala. He started

Cauliflower causes no High Bone Fever – AIIMS

We are all aware that each vegetable has its own nutritional value and all are equally important for a normal, healthy, and properly functioning body. Cauliflower is one such vegetable whose nutritional value cannot be ignored.

Robot a better Soldier than Man?

It has been found that 8,000 robots are already in use in the British army. Looks like Britain will leave the rest of the world behind in the use of technology!

The discovery of the Anti-Atom serves as a new ray of hope

Geneva, a popular place for having the UN headquarters in it, has witnessed one of the greatest inventions to date. The Geneva scientists have successfully created an antihydrogen atom and held it for enough time (i.e., 100msec) for a test. This test has made it possible for scientists to discover that this atom has the

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