AVG 8 Update Problem

AVG 8 – Invalid Update Control CTF File

Are you facing same error?

Don’t worry!!! Most of the AVG 8 users face this like you.

This error occurs when you AVG 8, Update Control files (.ctf) files get corrupted due to any reason.

Here is an simple hack to get rid of annoying AVG update error.

For Windows XP Users

Go to the

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAvg8updatedownload

and remove all files with extension .ctf (there should be only 2 or 3 .ctf files)

Try updating your AVG 8 now. It should work without any error.

For Windows Vista Users

You can find corrupted .ctf files at

remove all files with extension .ctf

and update your AVG 8 without any problem.

Take Care

You should not remove other files (.bin files). Or else, you will have to download all the updates released till date since you have installed AVG.

Automated Shortcut

If you don’t want to take risk by removing this files manually.

Here is an secure option for you.

Download this file (different files provided for Windows XP & Windows Vista) & Run it whenever you face “Invalid Update Control CTF File” error in AVG 8.

AVGCTF Clean_WinXPAVGCTF Clean_WinVista

image Windows Vista Users, Please right click on downloaded .cmd file &  Run as administrator.

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  1. I had the same problem. Interestingly there were no files in that folder to delete, I checked hidden files too. There were none. I just downloaded that .cmd file for xp(given in Automated Shortcut section) and ran it. It said no files to remove,but after that wen i ran the update, it worked. so i dont know wat it deleted. but it worked :)

  2. My question is – why doesn’t AVG fix the problem! Their answer seems to have a “Blame the Victim” feel to it. “Something” is corrupting your CTF files. Well, guess what! Neither Norton nor McAfee ever did this to us.

    But, if this will keep on happening – thank you providing a fairly simple solution.

  3. It worked! It worked! Manually, fed “C:\ProgramData\avg8\update\download” into my HD search and the folders popped up (had to drill down about 3 levels, though.)

    There were 2 CTF’s and a bunch of BINs. I deleted the former 2 one by one. Closed the folders. Ran the Update and it was SUCCESSFUL!

    Thanks, WS !!!!

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