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The youth of today in India are finding themselves under severe pressure to perform and stay at par with their friends at academics, sports and other activities. The reason being parents pushing them to excel in every little thing they undertake, even in their hobbies!

This sense of competition takes its toll in the ling run as the child faces a sort of burn out and loses enthusiasm in his / her life. Being under constant pressure and racing against time it is like running a 100 m race day in and day out.

The mind is like a parachute, it works best when left open and the same applies to the young budding children of the country. They need to do what they feel they like and have a passion for.

The same idea has been captured in a short film by Pratima Jaidev which won several accolades at Hyderabad International Film Festival recently and Pratima won “Best Director” Award for this short film at 2nd HIFF, 2008. She in a very crisp manner summed up the situation that confronts the children in the country. The film makes one introspect the competitive spirit beyond a certain point is worth?

See the video for yourself and decide – and just leave your valuable comments after watching the movie which will help the upcoming, young, dynamic and talented people to rule – like Pratima.

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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