Baba Ramdev’s Lost Cause

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev was packed off by Delhi Police to Haridwar when he went on a fast to make the Government show resolve on bringing black money stacked abroad back to Indian shores. His followers who had gathered in large numbers at the Ramlila ground in Delhi were dispersed, all in a bid to diffuse the situation! Baba Ramdev had taken cudgels against the corrupt system much on the lines of Activist Anna Hazare but got embroiled in allegations and counter allegations from the Government. In the process, a cause which was noble fizzed out and lost steam leading one to ask whether the stand taken by the Government was justified?

Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare - Fight Against Corruption in India
Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare - Fight Against Corruption in India

Baba Ramdev’s aggressive stand

Baba Ramdev over the years has made that yoga reached the multitude. By effectively using mass media, he has ensured that yoga reaches thousands of households. This in turn has also helped in establishing a ‘connect’ with the masses as well. And he used this ‘connect’ with the masses to precipitate and tap on the issue of bringing black money back to the country. By announcing that he would go on a fast, he used the platform of the masses to send a strong and loud message to the Government.

A sensitive issue like bringing black money back from tax havens has always been a dicey issue as there are countless Indians who have stacked up their wealth abroad including politicians and other affluent members of the society. Against this background, if Baba Ramdev’s initiative became a success then many individuals interest too would be hurt which could include a few within the Government as well.

So, with odds stacked heavily against the cause, it was ensured that things remained in control. The cause was diffused before it became a movement. Everyone cried foul. The Government made claims and allegations that Baba played a double role and kept things murky. The Baba camp cried foul accusing the Government of not sticking to its terms. Meanwhile, the ruling party introduced another angle of communal support from Hindu right wing organizations to the cause.

All of this eventually meant that the cause was defeated and once again the drama around Indian politics ensured that issues which matter to the nation such as black money continue to remain inside the cupboard!

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  1. People of India should ask why Congress party and its cronies are so afraid of the anti-corruption laws Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare are pushing for. It is not just these two voices. There are many million Indian voices saying the same thing. The Indian media has vested interests (just look at who owns them) so it is fatal to rely on Indian media reports on the true state of Indian affairs.

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