Babbel and Hiccup media join hands to help you speak in a new language!

Babbel - Learn Languages

To be able to communicate in more than one language is an amazing feeling. It makes you confident of survival in any part of the world. To empower you with this confidence Online Language Learning Service Babbel provides you with as many as 14 languages, from English to Indonesian.

So now whether you have any idea of a language or not you can start from scratch and learn the basics of grammar and thematic courses as well as vocabulary, writing, and listening comprehension exercises online. Even after gaining popularity among 1300 new users per hour throughout the world, Babbel felt there was something more to be achieved.

This is when Babbel approached Hiccup Media so it can spread its wings over a wider area. “Babbel was looking to work with a one-source creative solution — a company that could translate their unique solution into a creative strategy and executes it under one roof,” Rob Simone, Hiccup Media Managing Director says.

“Babbel is a part of the growing on-demand learning sector, which is much different than traditional education. The service is popular with online and mobile users that are hungry to learn new languages – people who wake up one morning and decide they want to improve themselves. It’s more something they want to do rather than need to do, and that is a very empowering idea.”

Now the question is – why Hiccup Media? It is the best choice because the creative potential of its Creative Director Michael Cruz is exceptional. He believes in the versatility of the solution so that Babbel users can comfortably shift from kitchen to office to living room and bedroom.

He says “We wanted to create something that was both clear and visually dynamic,” Cruz adds. “The concept we came up with features deconstructed backgrounds that transition us from scene to scene falling in line with the idea of mobility. We wanted to make the scene seem more theatrics.”

You will have to agree when I say this combination is the perfect example of modern technology. So why don’t you make use of this wonderful technology and learn a new language?

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